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Your Final Checklist Before Moving to Australia for Studies

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If you are an Indian student traveling to Australia for studies, you are going to have an easy time. The climate is very similar to that of India’s, except that it gets too cold during the winters. Now that you’ve booked your plane tickets and received your student visa, it is shopping time. Yes, it is going to be stressful, because you’ll be constantly worried if you are taking too much or too less with you to Australia.

Source: Mega Immigration

To reduce your anxiety, here’s a checklist of things that you need to take with you to Australia for studies:

1. All your important documents

Take your passport, student visa, letter of acceptance from the university, education certificates, driving license, debit cards, credit cards, medical history certificate, birth certificate, leaving certificate, and medical prescription.

2. Everyday essentials

These include your toiletries, makeup, and other sanitary products. Don’t carry them in too much quantity because your bag can get heavy. These things are quite affordable in Australia.

3. Clothes

Australia is a huge country and it depends where you are going to carry clothes. Since clothes in Australia are a big costlier than in India, we recommend you carry basic clothing like t-shirts, dresses, and bottoms from your hometown. Buy shoes, raincoats, and sweaters from there because they are cheap.

4. Power adapter

Australia has different types of plugs and voltage that your phone or laptop might not be able to handle. Carry a couple of power adapters and portable chargers with you, so that in case one doesn’t work you have the other one.

5. Extra bags

When you go to the Australia apart from having your backpack, take multiple options with you. Ideally, carry with you a sling bag, a purse, and carry-on bags for traveling to other parts of the country during holidays or weekends.

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