What are the recent changed restrictions on Australian 457 visa?

Posted on: 24 Feb 2017  |   Tags: ,

Change-in-Australian-457visa-rule The Australian government has announced some changes to 457 visas and these changes would bring more restrictions for the foreign workers in terms total period time they can stay in Australia once their employment is over. According to the new changes in the immigration rules, the foreign workers now could stay here up to maximum 60 days after the end of their employment terms. Previously, foreign workers could stay here up to 90 days. According to Peter Dutton, immigration minister of the Australian government, this move to change policies of 457 visas has made in order to reduce the competition between foreign workers and Australian job seekers and to make the job market favorable for countrymen. He mentioned that the government values the work performance and willingness of an Australian worker over a skilled overseas worker. The new changes of 457 visa immigration policy have come into effect from the beginning of current year. After this announcement, experts have opined that this change and time restriction might bring some bad effects on the economic growth of Australia as this country is having a shortage of workers in its IT industries, tech sectors and thus the government might regret their decisions at the later stage. Experts feel that the government has taken this decision thinking about vote bank politics and without thinking about the goodness of the country. 457 visas in Australia enable a foreign worker to stay in this country up to a maximum four years if and only if his employer has been unable to recruit an Australian citizen for the recommended job position. It is believed that reduction of the time limit would affect foreign workers in a serious way and would restrict them to find a new job within the limited days after the termination of previous work employment bond and thus they couldn’t help them but leave from Australia. This announcement has turned into a hot topic after the win of Donald Trump over the democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton in the recent election of the United States of America. During his campaign, Trump has also expressed his anger and blamed the immigration policy of the USA for the loss of blue collar job. Recent statistics have also shown that the total number of issued 457 visa were decreasing day by day and according to Mr. Dutton, this announcement was documented before the winning of Trump and before the urge of Labors for the overhaul of 457 visa immigration policy.  

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