Visa-free Migration between Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada

Visa-free Migration betweenOver 200,000 people have voted ‘aye’ to a petition which shall enable free movement between the leading economic hubs - UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In a move started by the CFMO at its website,, the e-petition had more than 1.5 lakh backers and nearly 50,000 co-signers. The movement was led by a poll finding which stated 58 percent of the British, 70 percent Australians, 82 percent of the Kiwis and 75 percent of the Canadians supports free movement between these 4 countries. The petition states that “joint principles, linguistics and ethics” would render these 4 countries, key associates in free movement. UK had given up the free movement strategy when it had opted to be the part of European Union. The total count of work visas allotted by the United Kingdom to the other 3 countries has increased many-fold in the last two years. Since 2014, there has been an increase in the issuance of work visas by the United Kingdom by atleast 5.3% for Australians, 4.6% for Canadians and 21.2% for the New Zealanders. This new policy if implemented would help the four nations to achieve significant benefits in terms of research, education and employment opportunities. The patrons from United Kingdom, Australia and NZ, even today, can fly into Canada without a visa, if they meet certain criterion, like, being healthy, having enough money to survive and of course, no criminal records. James Skinner, founder of The CFMO stated: “We have the prospects to improve our immigration strategies, as 4 independent countries, and reinstate the free movement practices that have remained quiescent in the legislatures”. He also said: “The prospects ahead of us are boundless. We have the prospects to create better fortune and enhanced relationships between the 4 countries, and all it demands is the tactful collaboration of the governments to go all-out for a better future for us and the generations to come.”

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