USCIS has reached H-1B 2017 Fiscal Year Cap

9269304969_74d35d24d2_z One of the Federal immigration agencies of the US, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a Department of Homeland Security (DHS), declared that it has put a ceiling on the foreign worker visa program, H-1B. According to the latest visa news updates, USCIS has received a large number of H-1B visa requests, more than the limit of 20,000. As the latest visa news updates, the statement was made to announce that it has reached its cap, set by the U.S. Congress, for the fiscal year 2017. The H-1B program provides work for foreign nationals to have jobs with specialization in different fields like science, engineering, and computer programming. Computer generated lottery system to select the visa petition USCIS plans to use a computer-generated lottery system, to randomly select the petitions required to meet the general category limit of 65,000 visas and advanced degree exemption of 20,000. The USCIS will randomly pick the advanced degree exemptions; all the unselected visa requests will join the random selection process for the general category is one of the latest visa news updates. The filing fees will be returned by USCIS after rejecting and identifying the duplicates. The lottery date has not been determined. However, some H-1B applications filed, that will be considered, on behalf of current immigrant workers with a request to extend the worker’s time in the US, change in employment terms, and change of employer and possibly grants immigrant workers a second H-1B position to work. H-1B visa program in the Presidential Campaign According to the latest visa news updates, all through the presidential campaign, the H-1B visa program, and immigration have been a major topic of debate. The program is not good for workers as it is unfair to the workers. As per Donald Trump regarding the latest visa news updates, a Presidential election candidate, it is clearly essential to examine and study at least the past two years of data to conclude and establish a provisional suspension on the visa problem. According to another presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, a large number of immigrants coming to the U.S. is low-skilled workers; this has led to lower wages for the Americans. H-1B visa program may be reformed and temporarily halted Currently, the immigration system seems to allow millions of illegal workers into the country. There has been a proposal to reform the visa system and suspend H-1B visa issuance for 180 days to complete a comprehensive investigation and audit of the abuse of the visa program, according to the latest visa news updates. This may lead to individuals with advanced degrees, preferably from American universities in choicest fields to come to the U.S. via the H-1B visa.

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