USA: Senators seek Employment Authorization for women on H-4 Visas

Two Democratic senators have urged the Trump administration against going ahead with the revocation decision regarding authorization to immigrants on H-4 visas. Majority of these are Indian-Americans, and this act would have a great impact on 100,000 women. Senators Kamala Harris (California) and Kirsten Gillibrand (New York) have sent letters on this issue to Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary and L.Francis Cissna USCIS Director. Moreover, the administration is seeking a review of the H-1B Visa Policy, which is not used by companies properly. It is replacing American workers.

Features and effects of these developments

USCIS issues H-4 visas to spouse, children below 21 years and to the family members of the holder of H-1B visa. Also this category is greatly popular among Indian IT professionals. The letter furthermore, follows a statement of the Department of Homeland Security to the US Court. It mentions that it is seeking revocation of Employment Authorization, of H-4 visa holders. The notification in this matter will be issued in within three months. The Government has publicly said and has recorded a statement in the court that it wishes to revoke Work Permits to H-4 visa holders. Indian women are major beneficiaries of this rule set out by President Obama. Withdrawing this H-4 rule will cause great personal hardship to women. Additionally this will lead to abandonment of their professional careers.

Unhealthy results will happen

Moreover, when the women do not get employment opportunities, the result is negative, in a big way. The likely scenario is the prevalence of depression and isolation, anxiety, guilt, and loss of self-worth. In future the wife and her children will entirely depend on the income of spouse. Moreover, the isolation and financial dependence will make it tough to leave an abusive relationship. Furthermore, asserting the principles and values of independence and equal opportunity, they said that an action of such spousal deprivation, to continue to pursue a professional career, is opposed to the basic principles of this country. Moreover, there are great economic, personal and psychological harms of this proposed rescinding of the H-4 rule. These need reconsideration in the interest of 100,000 professional women, and their families.

Huge Effects of rescinding the visa

Kamala Harris is the first American Senator, of Indian-origin and an active senator. Furthermore, Gillibrand added that this measure would target South Asian women disproportionately. In 2017, 94 percent of H-4 visa holders having a work authorization were women. 93 percent were Indians. Presently, there is a cap where not more than seven percent of 375,000, family/employment-based Green Cards, that are issued every year, go to nationals of one country. Today, 306,000 Indian and 67,000 Chinese applicants are in line for receiving the green card. The backlog has resulted in a waiting time of 12 – 150 years to get a green card. H-1B families live in high cost areas, where two incomes is a necessity. Rescinding this H-4 rule will also reinforce a stereotype that women are not capable to belong to the workplace. At ImmigrationNews, we aim to bring the latest and trending news to our patrons. Please stay in touch with us.

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