Democrats Reject Building Border WallsDonald Trump, President of the United States, has blamed the opposition Democrats for the demise of the two immigrant kids who were in the US custody. According to Trump, the death of children and others at the border are a direct result of the Democrats’ refusal to agree to the erection of the border walls, thereby permitting immigrants to enter the country illegally. This comment came after the separate death of the two children from Guatemala who illegally crossed the border with their relatives, and had been in the U. S. Patrol border’s custody. This was after he had tweeted that he was waiting for the democrats at the white house to conclude the border walls deal. The Guatemalan eight-year-old, Felipe Gomez died of fever while in the US custody with his father, Augustin Gomez. This same occurrence happened on the same day, earlier this month where another Guatemalan kid, Jakelin Caval also died. It is recorded, that in the last two months, 139,817 people have been apprehended by the US border patrol agents, on the southwest border. This is compared to the 74,946 people who were apprehended same time a year ago.

Trump is Resolute to Build the Borders

On December 22, when the US government shutdown which affected a quarter of the US federal government began, Trump promised to stay at the white house, thereby cancelling his trip to Florida for the holidays - though he visited the US troops in Iraq unannounced. With his fight to build the US-Mexico border walls, the US President has even threatened to close the border if there is no substantial agreement with the Democrats on the deal. Meanwhile, the Democrats are firm in their decision not to support the agreement, claiming it as a waste of money.

A vow to reopen government

Nancy Pelosi, the expected Speaker in the new Congress, has vowed to reopen the government immediately her Democrats take control of the lower chambers from Thursday next week. It seems that with the holiday celebrations ongoing, the effect of the shutdown has not been felt as most of the workers who have been sent off or without pay are on holidays will be called off, but we are sure the pressure will be higher in the New Year. Though a more significant part of the US military isn’t affected, same cannot be said about the 42,000 coast Guard members, a branch that is under the Homeland Security, who are working without pay. This is actually the third shutdown the government has made in a year. A recent poll has shown that the Americans are in favour of a compromise rather than the President’s firm stand on the deal. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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