Visa war between USA and EU countries intensifies

Posted on: 24 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

visa Recently Washington has refused to allow citizens from European Union countries to make visa-free travel in the United States of America. European Parliament has responded to that decision which is going to restrict Americans from a visa-free visit in some of the new countries under the European Union. The European Parliament has come up with this decision to continue its battle with the USA while the American government is planning to make it more difficult for the foreigners by bringing restrictions in the B1 and B2 visitor visa schemes. Currently, the EU citizens can obtain entry in the USA under these two schemes for less than 90 days by applying online through ESTA. The initial visa battle between the USA and MEP started when the American government decided not to allow citizens from Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Cyprus under any of the visa-free travel schemes to enter in the American soil. John Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Security said the Trump government may also bring some other restrictions for the European citizens in near future. He also mentioned that due to concern about terrorism, the reason for a European person to visit in the USA should always be reviewed as the B1 and B2 visa schemes have enabled citizens from 38 different countries to visit the USA without facing any interview at any of the US consulate or embassies. Recently, Mr. Trump has issued an executive order to review and suggest any possible changes in the H-1B visa scheme, though the future of this order is highly dependable on the Congress. It is clear that if the Trump government makes it difficult for the European citizens to visit the USA, then it will surely increase the enmity of the Trump government. The EU commission has now 60 days to force visa visit for the Americans after the Parliament decided to put a restriction of 12 months for the American for a visa-free visit in the European countries. Mr. Santander, executive director of the European Travel Commission said that the suspension over the Americans for visa-free access and declaring a visa war against the USA may bring harm towards the tourism sector of Europe. In 2014, the European Commission issued a deadline for the USA with some other countries to deliver reciprocal visa schemes for the European citizens while USA responded not to allow visa-free visit for citizens of five new countries under the EU, as these countries are yet to meet the necessary requirements by the USA for security reasons.  

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