US Visas opening office in Los Angeles to help immigrants

Posted on: 20 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

visa office According to latest news, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved the program of opening a new visa office in order to assist the immigrants while applying for US visa. The news came on the air after the huge clash occurred in between the pro-immigrants campaigners and supports of current president Mr. Donald Trump. According to some official forecast, this office will operate in order to solve the issues for illegal immigrants or who are residing in the country as an undocumented immigrant. But there is also a possibility that this office might act in later in order to assist the immigrants who have been declined for H1B, L1, E1 and E2 visas previously. According to Hilda Solis, supervisor of the new unit that this office will become a one-stop solution for the immigrants who are seeking help in order to apply for US visas. She also mentioned that the working schedule of the office has not fixed yet, but it is assured that the office will help the immigrants who also need some assistance for different social services. She also mentioned that the building of this new office is one of the many important steps towards protecting the immigrants and county will continue their fight towards protecting the immigrant’s community who are very much essential for Los Angeles. Andres Kwon on the pro-immigrant campaigner said that the people of the US stood on the right side of the history and thus immigrants should be allowed for visas in America. The office was approved on 10th January, just a week after County arranged legal assistance fund for the immigrants who are facing serious problems. The county raised a fund of $3 million along with the help of LA City Hall who has already committed donating $2 million as a fund. According to the Migration Policy Institute, almost 10% of the illegal immigrants in the USA are now residing in Los Angeles. It is assured that the new President is not much happy with the immigrants as he asked to deport these immigrants throughout his election campaign. As a result, there was a huge clash between the pro-immigrant supporters and Trump supporters while proposing for this new office. During the meeting, most of the public left the place due to heavy arguments between them. Later, when the season was resumed pro-immigrants won the vote in 4:1 ratio to establish a new office for the immigrants.  

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