US Visa news updates on the New STEM OPT Extension

Posted on: 03 May 2016  |   Tags: education , immigration , STEM , us visa ,

hqdefault Employers can employ F-1 students in the course of Two-year STEM OPT extension; however, based on the STEM visa news updates, employers must have a the required federal Identification Number and be registered with e-verify. Form I-983 must be complete According to the STEM visa news updates, Form I-983 which is a mentoring Plan with training for F-1 students must be completed with help from the students. The form requires the employer to attest information related to the OPT training like the student’s compensation, the way the training correlates to the F-1 student’s STEM degree. It must include the goals achievable post training, performance evaluations, as well as adherence to the training plan. The Form I-983, according to the STEM visa news updates, must also attest the various rules, conditions of the F-1 student’s STEM OPT employment. It must include and match the responsibilities, terms of employment, compensation offered to other employees similarly situated, in the organization. In the form I-983, the employer must be able to attest the fact that they have adequate personal and resources to offer proper training as illustrated in the STEM visa news updates. The  I-983 form,  must demonstrate that the job in question, aids the F-1 student to attain training goals as well as the training will not be accommodated by supplanting  a part time or a permanent US based worker. Other Requirements of the STEM OPT If an F-1 category student is fired or leaves within the two year STEM OPT extension period, the company or the employer, is required to report within 5 business days to the Designated school official. The company or the employer is required to report in when the F-1 student does not report in for work, without consent of the said employer, for five days or more. According to the STEM visa news updates, an F-1 categorized student may not be hired for a period not less than 20 hours in any given week,  in a 2-year STEM optional practical training extension period in an unpaid or volunteer position. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may conduct site visits Employers may be subject to on site visits by immigration officials to make sure that the F-1 categorized students are engaged and employed in optional practical training programs and in accordance with the information supplied on I-983 form. The site visit may be announced or unannounced. DHS will inform the employer if the form I-983 needs to be updated in writing after the site visit. It is important the employers have a plan of action to deal with the site visit.

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