US Tough Visa Policies Attracts Immigrants to CanadaThe American dream is being replaced swiftly by the Canadian dream. According to its global immigration trends report currently released (4th Edition), the Chicago-based Envoy Global said that more than 6 out of 10 employers in America consider immigration policy in Canada more favorable than America’s. This was drawn from a survey exercised on about 400HR professionals from 27th November - 17th December 2018. The report stated that one of the attractions used to lure tech companies to Canada is its accommodating immigration policies. Currently, a plan was announced by the country to accommodate about 350,000 foreigners yearly till 2021. According to the survey, while 38% of the employers hope to expand their business to Canada, one fifth already has an existing office(s) in the country. In order for their presence to grow in India, companies are sending their already existing employees as well as hiring foreign talents.

What makes it Better?

Among the people who prefer Canada to the US is Vartika Manasvi, co-founder of Advanced Interviewing Platform StackRaft. According to her, nobody wishes to live an uncertain life in the States or even risk their careers due to stressful and rigid visa rules. She claims that the Immigration system in Canada is gradually becoming skill-based. Currently, in the States, the Immigration system is dreadful and unpleasant towards immigrants. The rules governing the H-1B programmes are becoming more rigid while paper works are being piled up as the government is requesting additional information. The H-4 EAD which permits the spouses of H-1B holders to work in the country while awaiting their green cards is gradually becoming a nightmare. The effects are greatly felt by the Indians, as they constitute three-quarters of H-1B visa holders and 80% H-4EAD holders. According to USCIS, out of 3.4m H-1B petitions in 2017, 2.2m were filed by Indians. Meanwhile here are attractive reasons why Global Talent Stream (GTS) visa route in Canada is so much better for immigrants when compared to the US’s 1) The application fee for GTS is CAD$1,000 ($745), while the US work visa is $1,410 2) It takes 2 weeks to process the GTS application compared to the 6 – 7 months wait before an H-1B visa is approved. 3) Canadian immigrants’ spouses are not restricted from working in the country as the spouses of the H-1B visa holders in the US. 4) Foreign students are attracted to the country. As announced by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in June 2018, a student direct system (SDS) was designed to help FastTrack applications of Asian international students (India, Philippines, Vietnam, and China) who are enrolled in any of Canada’s designated learning institutes. 5) The allocation of visa in Canada is not by chance as with the lottery system for the allocation of H-1B visas. 6) While Indians have to wait 12 years to obtain a green card in the US, it takes only 2 years to get a permanent residency and 3 years to obtain citizenship in Canada. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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