US: New Asylum Policy will Help to Block Illegal Immigration

US: New Asylum Policy will Help to Block Illegal ImmigrationKristen Nielsen, the Homeland Security secretary, has announced a significant change in the policy that will help stop illegal immigration. The Homeland Security department is making amends in the Immigration system in the asylum system. The major problem is the fact that illegal migrants, especially the ones from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, can claim asylum once they cross the border to avoid being deported. However, only less than 10% of these people actually qualify for the asylum. But this is not really the objective. Most of these people, after the first screening, are released into the states. The loopholes such as the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act and the Flores Settlement have made the matter worse. As a result, these “migrants” simply disappear in the states after being released, without even seeking asylum. This pathway should have been closed years ago by the Congress. Instead, claims of asylum and migration of children illegally have increased, and this has not served in the best interest of the US government or the real asylum seekers who have legitimate claims.

The Government Finds a Way

As such, the government sought a legal way to stop these illegal crossings and such as provided in the Immigration and Nationality Act which stated that the aliens are to be returned to Mexico while they await their hearing in the court. Hence, Homeland Security is ending one of the major problems in the US immigration system by using the “catch and return” method instead of “catch and release.” In support, the Mexican administration has promised protections, work authorizations and humanitarian visas and protection to those migrants waiting in the country. This relationship between the US and Mexico is a big solution, and as such, Trump’s administration should be applauded. This is after the Congress was advised by the Heritage Foundation analysts to shift the process of the asylum to consulates in Mexico so that the US government would not have to detain those seeking asylum and also they won’t be released into the states without their asylum claims being proven. With this, the Congress is advised to fix these loopholes in the Immigration system. The court may likely challenge the orders and reforming the broken asylum may only be possible using the legislation. As such, Congress is advised to do their work if the US government is actually going to fix the Immigration problems. To get your possible Immigration options, approach Immigration News now, and we will also evaluate your profile with our Immigration experts and advise you whether you are qualified to apply or not.

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