US may lose agricultural workers under crackdown on illegal immigrants

Posted on: 25 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

illegal immigrants

Several steps taken by the US Government under Donald Trump against the illegal immigrants in the United States of America have created a ripple in the agricultural industry of the country. Land owners and farmers are now considering a potential threat of being a worker less situation.

Cattle farmers, fruit growers and a lot more people from different corners of the country is now asking the politicians to deal with the immigration rules in such a way which won’t hurt their business. Some of the Republican farmer leaders also demanded a border security without harming workers who don’t have any criminal record.

According to a study report by the Pew Research Center, the farming industry uses a higher percentage of illegal immigrant workers other than any industry in the USA. The department of Labor and Agriculture also confirmed that currently, 46% of the total farm workers working in the USA are from illegal immigrants.

The American Farm Bureau Federation also mentioned that a strict immigration rule by the Trump government will result in a drop of food supplies up to 4% and high wages for the labourers. This will also force the Americans to buy food and grocery items at an increased price of 5-6%.

Recently Mr. Trump proposed to build a wall on the Mexican border to stop entry of their people on the American soil and to recruit almost 10,000 immigration officers to set up a strict and difficult immigration system in the whole country.

The ICE officers have already arrested many illegal workers from the different apple farm from New York and Oregon. Though the number of arrested workers is not on a large scale, but this action has already created a threat among the other illegal immigrant workers. Some of the farm owners also said that they were unable to find enough workers to pick crops while some other mentioned that they are losing workers in their farm.

In the USA, it is necessary for a farm worker to prove his legal eligibility, but in the most cases, documents were found to be a fake one. In the meantime, it has been observed that the fellow Americans are not interested in working as a farm worker in the firm and thus illegal workforce has become very much important for the firms to run it and to pick crops in due time.

Some of the farm owners said that they will retire if they don’t find workers. They also mentioned that now homeless and illegal immigrants are setting camp in the forests, but they are not trying to join a firm of having a threat of arrest by the ICE officers.

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