US Immigration: Importance of Indian H1-B Visa Holders in US Economy

US Immigration: Importance of Indian H1-B Visa Holders in US Economy

In the furious debates about the policy of immigration, the base H-1B temporary visa points to be neglected. Streams of great Central Americans marching to the border tend to provoke strong emotions on all sides, meanwhile tech workers from India working in US Silicon Valley evoke fewer problems. But the US H-1B workers are crucial to national success, and the program is below threat from the US administration.

Though these temporary visas usually expire the following six years, the H-1B efficiently functions as a test period for high-skilled newcomers. Often, it provides a worker with an opportunity to become established and appeal for US permanent residence, while it provides their employer the capacity to try them out.

Importance of US H-1B Visa Holders

H-1B workers provide a lot to economic dynamism and innovation. A 2010 study by economists William Lincoln and  William Kerr, for instance, discovered that when admissions of H-1B rose in the 1990s, patents attributable to individuals with Indian and Chinese surnames increased, meanwhile patents by individuals with Anglo-Saxon names did not fall.

Furthermore, H-1B visa holders benefitted native-born workers. Studies by economists Kevin Shih, Giovanni Peri, and Chad Sparber, comparing over cities, have discovered that allowing in a higher number of H-1B workers increases the wages for native-born highly skilled US workers, and does not damage their levels of employment.

At a time while the growth of US productivity and new business development are low, allowing greater H-1B workers looks like an obvious move. The H-1B workers' number rose in the beginning half of the decade, notwithstanding the standard cap of 85,000 a year. But, this is mainly because of recruiting at institutions that are excluded from the cap, such as non-profits and universities. Businesses, in turn, are being starved of the international talent they require to develop and grow.

Although the US H-1B visa program does have its defects, it is a great program, and it should be developed. A higher number of skilled immigrant workers aren’t going to disturb native-born Americans and they are here and ready to help.

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