US Embassy Official: Pursuing Higher Education Helps in Making Long Term Connections in the Country

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US Embassy Official: Pursuing Higher Education Helps in Making Long Term Connections in the Country

There are approximately 2,00,000 students from India spread over institutes in the USA, which is above 5% higher than the prior year. The trend remains to rise, states by a spokesperson named Ariel Polloc, US Embassy in New Delhi.

Visa trends are not straight and we catch the long picture on these numbers. In the preceding 10 years, the number of students from India studying in the USA has multiplied," says Pollock. She also adds that a degree from an authorized US university is a precious asset for students while the job market exploring. Even as other opportunities open up for students of India, they will proceed to favor the US education, she says.

The US continues the best provider of the top educational & practical training possibilities in the globe. The education system also allows students to industry & alumni connections that prove to be advantageous even after finishing their studies. Besides, it shows aspirants to the finest research opportunities and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Also, an established authorization for Optional Practical Training (OPT) or curricular Practical Training (CPT) will allow global students to work later completing their studies.

Additional Benefits

The US institutes and universities contribute extensive support to international students, assisting them to build a lifelong association with the country. Aside from quality education, foreign students profit from the rich, and vibrant, diverse classrooms.

Financial Support

Financial support for meritorious candidates is plenty. Pollock suggests future aspirants contact the Education USA advising center to get guidance on research opportunities as well as relevant scholarships. Scholarships are particular to every university. Examination scores and history of academics are significant, but most schools view the holistic record. Assesment for funding for the most meritorious students varies, and there is no single way to decide who gets a scholarship.

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