US Department of Labor Proposed Changes to H-2A Work Visa Program

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US Department of Labor Proposed Changes to H-2A Work Visa Program

Changes are probably in the works for a program that supports to provide authorized migrant labor for farmers.

The Labor Department recently published recommended changes to the US H-2A work visa program. This program enables farmers to obtain in migrant workers from different nations, but to do this, farmers initially must demonstrate that they can’t find sufficient local help.

Proposed Changes to Streamline the H-2A Visa Process

The modifications are something that Troy Bland with the Business Council Vidalia has been supporting for, for years. Bland states the change would make it more accessible for owners of the farm to get recruitment support from international countries more efficiently and quickly.

By having a more smooth process of obtaining workers here, from Mexico country to here, and can work when that crop is available when we’re ready to go, helps us,” Bland told.

Bland told this smooth process is required. He told in the business of agriculture nothing is ever specific, and the path the program is fixed up right now puts few farmers, particularly the small ones at a loss.

Some individuals had trouble obtaining their people in this year 2019 in Vialdia City. They were two weeks late at any time that you have a obstacle on the first end that grows with the time that those onions are going to remain on the farm.

Bland told he hopes if or when the department of labor modifies the program there will be protection in place. He also said we need to make sure that we are receiving the correct people to reach here and work. At the meantime, we don’t need to allow a loophole that somebody came into this nation that’s not deemed to be here. The department of labor will be taking opinions from the people on the new US H-2A recommendation.

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