Understanding the Express Entry selection system for immigrating to Canada

Posted on: 11 Apr 2016  |   Tags: canada , csr , express entry , immigration , skill set ,

5472496588_09c25c45b9_z The new and updated selection format for the Canada Express entry was introduced around January 2015. There have been a lot of speculations about the makeup of this new format. However, after a recent report, more information, concerning Comprehensive Ranking (CRS) has been made public. The annual report covers the first twenty three draws covering the period from January, 2015, all the way through to January 3rd, 2016. Learning’s from the Express entry system report A staggering number of 191,000 applications and more had been received, for the Canada Express entry visa system. Of which nearly 89,000 were considered to be not eligible as they failed to meet the required criteria for any of the three programs - Federal Skilled Trades Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, and Canadian Experience Class. As of January 3rd, 2016, nearly 1300 profiles were tagged as still pending mainly due to verification of relevant data, such as Provincial Nomination (PN) or Job Bank registration. And out of nearly 64,000 candidates in the common pool, an ITA, or an invite to apply, was sent to 3,895. But however, they have not submitted it in yet, as they have two months to do so after receiving an ITA and six months left for approval post application. Some profiles left the common pool either on account of being withdrawn or on having reached the one year cutoff date. How Candidates can increase their chances of receiving ITA Those who have been applied for the Canada Express entry can increase their chances of receiving ITA by increasing their CRS standings.This is possible by acquiring other additional work experience and completing their education or becoming proficient in certain languages, like English, French, etc. This is also possible by adding together a life partner’s language proficiency and/or their educational qualifications. Landing a job offer from a company based in Canada or obtaining an enhanced PN certificate from any Canadian province will definitely improve their CRS score. Candidates with a PN or a job offer are awarded 600 CRS points Those Candidates who land a job offer and/or get a PN are usually credited with six hundred CRS points and invited to submit an application for subsequent draws, from the common pool. Draws usually take place every fourteen days, where the CRS point requirement is generally set at 450. At the time of the draw, ITA is issued to the candidates whose CRS score either tops or equals the minimum CRS requirement. After this, they can send their applications and move out of the common pool. Generally, there are very few candidates with scores above the CRS ‘cutoff’. The candidates are constantly moving out of the pool owing to the compliance of applications. On January 3rd, 2016, only 851 Canada Express entry candidates had CRS 600 points as they landed a qualifying job offer or got PN.

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