UK wants flexible visa limits in certain industries

Posted on: 18 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

Theresa May After the initial implementation of the new visa rules in the UK, there has been a huge impact on several industries there. Many industries in the UK depend on immigrant laborers for their work and business due to the efficiency, proficiency as well as the lesser wages that they demand. Keeping several of such factors in mind, the Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill assumes that certain job sectors would definitely feel a tremendous impact as a by product of the strict immigration rules. Goodwill proposed adopting certain flexibility in the immigration rules which would be able to cover up certain discrepancies that come along with the stringent visa rules. At a time when the immigration policy of UK and US is taking the world by a storm, there are many who have a way of looking at the issue. The UK is one country where immigrants from all over the globe have always found ample work and a home to live. For endless years the country has proved to be a safe haven for millions of immigrant inhabitants. But since the last few months, things have a different perspective to be seen from due to the alterations in the visa and immigration rules. Brexit has brought about a lot of glaring changes in UK’s dealing with the globe and has created a lot of impacts. Certain industries that have felt the impact are farming, restaurants, nursing and hotels, social care and much more. A challenge that the Brit government faces now is the kind of intensive training that they would have to provide to their workers. In the earlier scenario, UK government had always fielded on trained immigrants who were salaried lesser than what the citizens would now be paid if they are given jobs. Sounds simple? No, this is a prominent and very grave change that would change a country’s financial resource too. Such major changes require a complete overhaul of the whole way the government is running the country now. All this includes a review of the Government’s industrial schemes, its prevalent education policy, development and honing of appropriate skills as per different sectors and the requirements and the percentage that it gives for developmental work for the public in nurturing the required assets. All this would take up a lot of time and detailed planning and initiate it what is required is competent faculty for the same and that would be immigrants. Thus, keeping all these facets in mind it would do good to indeed adopt flexible immigration policies to cover up labor shortage.

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