United Kingdom Tier 2 Salary Requirements Too High

It seems like the United Kingdom government will do everything not to let any more immigrants enter the country. A few days ago, the British government increased the minimum salary required to get the tier 2 visa to 50,000 pounds, which is absolutely absurd. The salary requirement is not for those occupations that fall in the skills shortage or occupation shortage list and Ph.D. occupations, which is the published yearly by the UK government. The requirement was even higher than this in March 2018, which was a 60,000 pounds. Foreign talent needs to meet the salary threshold to obtain the restricted certificates of sponsorship, which gives them enough points to get selected. Since December 2017, the Uk government has been getting more than the available number of tier 2 visas monthly. It prompted the government to increase the required points from 21 to 50, which is very difficult to get. Paying every foreign employee a minimum of 50,000 pounds will drain the company’s resources, and therefore, employers are opting for intra-country transfer, which means they hire the employee in a different country and transfer them to the UK after a year. According to a recent research published by Oxford University, non-European Union lawyers working in the UK won’t ever get tier 2 visas because they are paid at least 30 percent less than their British counterparts. It is the same with teachers and health professionals, despite the United Kingdom having a shortage in both the occupations. Raising tier 2 visa cap The only way to tackle the increasing demand for tier 2 visa shortage is by increasing the cap limit and not overburdening the system with regulations like the US is doing. Most British move out of the country and settle in the US, Canada, and Australia, so it is the immigrants, especially Indians, who bear the load of improving the UK economy.

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