Charges for UK Tier 2 visa going up from 6th April

Posted on: 23 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

Tier 2 UK In the latest announcement, the British government confirmed that a new charge named as immigration skill charge effective from 6th April will be going to be added to the total cost of obtaining a Tier 2 visa. With this announcement, it seems that the new charge will create more difficulties for employers having Tier 2 sponsorship license in order to employ foreign works. The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has also proposed to increase £1000 as an additional immigration skill charge to the employers who are now hiring EU workers. She also said that increment of visa charges will literally help country people by providing a better job opportunity. Recently, the UK immigration minister, Mr. Goodwill published a report which claims that the British government is planning to put additional immigrant skill charges for Tier 2 visas over the EU immigrants. He also added that post-Brexit it is clear that the British people want more priority over the foreign workers and hence the government is planning to put restrictions on the EU immigrants same as facing by the non-EU immigrants. He also said that the government is planning to train 3 million citizens in near future. Apart from these in his statement, he said that the British government will charge additional £1000 per year to several employers of the country who will hire foreign immigrants from the upcoming month of April. Mr. Goodwill also added that currently, the British government is not in a position to declare the final terms and conditions about obtaining a Tier 2 visa, but it is assured that the additional charge will become very much helpful for the British workers who feel as a neglected worker. He also asked other parliament members to share their opinion about the new rules. He also strongly suggested a seasonal agricultural scheme should appear after the Brexit which will help EU workers to come here and work for next six months. This statement was likely to be confirmed in future as Andrea Leadsom, the environment secretary of the UK stated the EU worker are very much needed in the country in order to maintain country's food and farm industry’s productivity. The announcement of additional immigration skill charges has created a spark among the business organization as many of the business experts said that it will hit the country very hard in an economic way. They also added that these extra charges will affect the growth of business and will leave many of the businesses with uncertainty. The latest report after this announcement was published which said that addition skill charge will affect a lot of firms as 15% of the workforce is from EU countries. Seamus Nevin, the head of the institute of business directions mentioned that announcement of the additional skill change by the government was the worst decision made by them as almost every company in Britain hires foreign workers to fulfill their needs.    

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