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Distorted Facts – Are International Students Overstaying In UK?

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International Students in UK have managed to enjoy benefits of top quality education and a fantastic learning environment for years. Until 2012 to be exact. That is when the anti-immigrant poison seeped in and ended the prospects of better education for millions of students. The previous government had reported that many international students had stayed in the UK beyond the expiry of their visas. The damage done was catastrophic as the PSW came down and hostility towards those students increased.

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Source: The Sun

However, in a recent study, it has come to light that about 97 percent of the students left the country and only about 6 percent returned back. Under the supervision of the MAC (Migration Advisory Committee) the (ONS) Office for National Statistics has refuted the claims of the previous government. In their report, The ONS found an alarming number of discrepancies.

The previous report was based on International Passenger Surveys (IPS) carried out by the Immigration Department in every flight. But this time, officials had access to the ‘exit checks’ data. The arrival and departure dates of students revealed a completely different scenario. The ONS conducted a report on 1.3 million visas granted to nationals outside the EEU. It concluded that there was a lack of evidence supporting the claim that there was a problem with non-EU students overstaying beyond their visa expiry.

Diane Abbot, Home Secretary of the Labor Party sharply criticized the government for its unfounded opinion about international students, resulting in a gross fallacy. She also appreciated the fact that some officials had started to see through the veil and recognize the contribution of international students to the UK. It may reflect a positive change, indicative of a silver lining. It may take some time to propagate the sentiment across the parliament.

But the damage has been done.

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