UK industry feels more visas needed to employ foreign workers

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Recently, Arcadis – a consultancy and construction firm in the UK said that the construction industry in the UK must recruit 400,000 workers or higher than it in the upcoming five years in order to meet the real demand of construction workers. This huge number was equivalent of recruiting a new worker in every 77 seconds until the end of 2021. The firm also said that currently, UK hasn’t enough strength which is relay according to the demand of the construction industry.

Calculating the home demand in the UK, Arcadis said that almost 270,000 homes are needed in every year to meet the demand and to achieve that a number workers higher than 370,000 are needed. They also said that currently, the number homes they are building have already exceeded the home estimation made by the government.

According to the Arcadis, they didn’t take any factor of lower immigration in the UK, which might have any impact after post-Brexit. The firm also expressed fear that the situation may change after Brexit as there is a possibility of extension for the Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence and Tier 2 Visa scheme which will allow more EU and non-EU people in the country while Tier 2 Visa scheme can’t be used to recruit workers in the construction related jobs.

Arcadis also added that the country really needs to bring foreign workers for construction-related jobs and allowing of EU people for construction jobs under Tier 2 visa scheme will allow the country to have at least 215,000 workers by 2020. The firm also stated that currently in the country at least one worker in every eight workers is from some other foreign country and in a total 23% of them are foreigners.

Arcadis workforce director, Mr. James Bryce said that the country is facing with the skill gap, but the investments in the local workforce have seriously reduced the construction productivity of the country. He also said that already employment in the construction field has dropped down by 15% and the country really doesn’t have enough skilled workers who can build homes and do other construction activity to meet the country’s demand.

In the meantime, Secretary of state for communities and local government, Mr. Javid said that the new rule will ensure that the constructing industry is having enough skilled workers and foreign EU workers who will help the country to meet the demand.

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