UK increases its outreach program via a new visa center in Lucknow


The United Kingdom endeavors to increase its reach and expand in Uttar Pradesh, one of the most populated states of India. A new visa centre commenced the UK visas and immigration service from Lucknow to serve the needs of people.

The centers aim is to encourage more visitors from within the state as well as neighboring states like Uttarakhand and Bihar to consider Britain as a destination for not just visiting the attractions and study but for investment purposes too, according to the British High Commissioner to India.

The visa centre shows the growing demand for UK visas.

The first batch of UK visas and immigration was welcomed at the visa centre, inaugurated on 17 May. The British High Commissioner is keen to establish better relations with the state and work more closely.

India has the largest number of UK visa application centers, compared to any other country.

UK has expanded its footprints in UP with the set up of a new visa centre in Lucknow. The UK visas and immigration have seen a rising demand from the people of the state and with an easy access to the visa centre, more people will be encouraged to consider the UK as a destination to visit, study, work or settle as well as invest.

Lucknow is a very conveniently located in comparison to New Delhi for the people of Central and East India. The new visa centre was announced by the UK Immigration Minister during his visit to India. There are 15 UK visa centers in India.

Amendments have been introduced to the UK visitor application form.

A few other improvements like the new UK visas and immigration, visitor application form and priority visa service for first-time visitors were introduced as well, according to the United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) regional director of South and Southeast Asia.

The visa fee is Rs. 8,499 per applicant and the centre will operate on the third Tuesday of every month to allow people to apply for UK visas and immigration in Lucknow for the first time. This will quicken the process and make it easy for the Indian citizens to apply for UK visas.

The UK visa applicants can submit their applications at the Golden Tulip Hotel along with the required documents, passport as well as complete biometric information. The center will dispatch the documents via courier after the application is processed at the centre, back to the applicants.

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