UK Considering Different Post-Brexit Immigration Rules in Wales

UK Considering Different Post-Brexit Immigration Rules in Wales

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called upon the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to examine the need for more significant variations of the new salary threshold as expert say the new threshold will affect Wales more than any other part of the UK.

As the UK continues consultation regarding the new salary threshold of £30,000 for all skilled migrants looking to get five-year visas in the country, MAC has been urged to review the evidence on salary thresholds and consider the need for regional variations post-Brexit. The plan for a new post-Brexit immigration system was published by the UK government in December last year, and there have since been intense reactions both in the country and abroad. Inclusion of a minimum of £30,000 salary for skilled migrants generated the greatest concerns with experts saying it will affect some regions more than the other.

Wales Calling for a Lower Threshold

Since the announcement, Wales commissioned an expert to consider the impacts of the threshold on the region. The leading economist, Prof Jonathan Portes, submitted a report that confirms that Wales will be more affected than the rest of the UK. He urged Welsh government and businesses to bargain for a lower threshold, suggesting £20,000 will be tolerable in the region.

He explained that only very few migrants from Europe with semi-skilled or medium-skilled jobs can meet the £30,000 threshold.

Javid acknowledged the need to consider all of the evidence before making the final decision stating that the proposed changes are the biggest UK immigration system has seen in a generation.

He said it is imperative the new immigration system suits the whole of the UK. MAC is expected to get its report ready by January 2020 with the new post-Brexit immigration system to be implemented from 2021.

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