UK applies changes to its student visa program

Posted on: 05 Jul 2016  |   Tags: ,

25106385101_d5c1b0cd85_m According to UK immigration news, the UK government has instituted some changes with regard to its Tier 4 program. Some of these changes have already been implemented mostly on account of the fact that a study determined that several students were abusing Tier 4 program so as to continue to stay in the UK indefinitely. Usually it was found that some of the students preferred to change their discipline from the one their CAS was issued for, with no direct correlation between both. And then, there were those students who have not completed their studies but prefer to continue to stay in the UK indefinitely. As it stands, the home office is yet to issue clarifications on a few points of interest that were raised by some of the student bodies but in general, undergraduates or those seeking to apply for a new tier 4 visa must contact the UK visas and Immigration department or UKVI for more information and latest updates.   Undergraduates who prefer to work on new projects: While the immigration department does understand that students might want to take up another project, and this may require their tier four visa to be expanded, the student must show adequate proof that the new project is connected to their discipline or the University must confirm that it is directly related to their career and is not a ploy to continue to stay in the UK indefinitely. The immigration department may ask some of these students in, for credibility interviews to ensure that there is no abuse of the current system.   Changing the visa to tier two or tier five As of November, this will no longer be possible and from here on, all undergraduates on a tier four visa and seeking to progress to tier two or tier five will need to apply for the same, from outside UK. While this may seem a bit unfair, on the whole, it limits any abuses of the current immigration policies and rules in place.   New charges to apply from 18 March 2016: According to UKVI, new charges have already been levied on all applications, from eighteenth. These changes apply to all visa applications, whether you are applying as a student or are planning to bring your dependents over. Level 4 and dependents - outside the UK £328 Level 4 and dependents - Standard application in the UK £448 Level 4 and dependents - Premium application in the £948 Level 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) - £465 BRP substitution - £56 Exchange of Conditions - £223  

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