Trump's new immigration order-who is barred and who is not?

Posted on: 09 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

USA immigration President Donald Trump’s historic order of Immigration Ban had created quite a mayhem in the past few weeks and no doubt a greater fraction of the world is facing the brunt of it. The initial ban prohibited entry of citizens to the USA from seven primarily Muslim countries like Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Iraq,  and Syria for 90 days. Furthermore, the entry of all refugees was also stopped for a period of 120 days excluding Syrian refugees who were barred for an indefinite period of time. While the President had his reasons to do so, it did not go down well with the federal judges and hence an alteration was designed in the scheme of things. They blocked several integral pointers of the initial order. The revised new order first states explicitly that the ban would be enforced only from March 16 and not be immediate as stated earlier. Iraq was also removed from the list of the seven Muslim countries but Iraqi nationals will have to undergo additional inspection for gaining entry. This came into force after foreign policy advisers backed Iraq for being a country that fights terrorism. Also, it was not stated in the report that any citizen of the seven listed countries proved to be a threat to the USA. The good news is that the ban is applicable to those who do not have a current visa. A huge turnover of population for that matter was held back at the airport and less than 60,000 visas were revoked for that matter. However, retaining some part of the original one, the new ban is applicable to people from listed six countries, which arrive on immigrant visas based on family or employment status. Good news for Syrian refugees is that the initial ban for an indefinite period has been called off and now they are falling under a general ban of 90 days. Also, refugees belonging to minority groups will not be assigned preference for entry. Here, the order doesn’t clearly mention Christianity as minority. However, the refugee program has undergone a change as it will now churn only half of what it used to. The best part of the news is that the Green card holders who come from the six countries will not be barred. Also, diplomats and nationals who have dual citizenship will not be stopped from entering the States. All these changes had to be brought to keep up the clause in the immigration law that states ‘the government cannot discriminate in issuing visas because of “sex, race, place of birth, nationality or place of residence.”

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