Trump's Immigration Plan may help Chinese Skilled Workers to Get Green Card

Posted on: 01 Feb 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Shifting from lottery-based system to a merit-based system is seen as a boon in disguise for skilled immigrants, but the Chinese are worried it might make it difficult for them in the global talent market. However, they hope that closing down the diversity visa program clears the decades of backlog and they get the US green card. In his recent speech, Donald Trump, US President, said that he plans to abolish chain immigration and visa lottery system. Rather than a visa system that randomly gives out green cards irrespective of their skills, merit, or capabilities, he wants the US to adopt a merit-based immigration system. Through the system, he will be able to find skilled immigrants who want to work and contribute to the American society and those who will love and respect the US. He also gave the definition of chain immigration as one selected person bringing in unlimited numbers of distant relatives. Under the new plan, only spouse and children of the visa holder will be allowed to work and stay in the country. The reform is crucial not only for the US economy but also its security and future. John Hu, an immigration consultant from Hong Kong, said that where there is a price, there is always an opportunity. The merit-based system opens new dimensions for skilled immigrants, with the highest scorer getting the visa. He said that Chinese workers from mainland China and the territory of Hong Kong can benefit from it as the system puts them ahead of others. A positive move In 2017, the US issued 35,350 work and study visas to people from mainland China and 1,128 from Hong Kong. Gwen Chen, a marketing manager from Seattle, said that this means people will have to wait lesser for the US green card. Chen is a graduate of Durham University and applied for the US green card in 2015 but still waiting for it.

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