Trump's Counselor Says 2018 Will Be Epic in Immigration History

Posted on: 12 Jan 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

According to Trump’s Counselor, 2018 will be the most epic year in immigration history. Kellyanne Conway said this in an interview with the Fox News. She said that Trump has been very strong and firm on stopping illegal immigrants that come in the country from Mexico. US President, Donald Trump, has a 70-point immigration plan that he will implement in 2018 to protect his countrymen and keep the country safe. Immigration is the center of Trump’s presidential campaign and administration from the moment he took over the presidential seat. He is also putting pressure on the Congress to abolish the DACA policy. The policy lets children of illegal immigrants stay back in the country and get permanent residency. It was started by former US president, Barack Obama. He is also against the Diversity Visa Program, which brought the terrorists who killed eight people and injured 11 in New York City in a truck attack. The president wants to stop chain immigration. In December 2017, New York City faced another terror attack in which the person tried suicide bombing. His attempt failed and was captured by the police. The Bangladeshi man had come to the US using the children of siblings in the US visa and became a permanent resident through it. Trump wants to build a wall across Mexico - US border. It isn’t possible financially, and the plan isn’t practical either. But he has said that if he doesn’t get to build the wall, he won’t sign any DACA applications. Only the beginning of the year Conway has only informed us that this year of Trump’s tenure will also focus on immigration. He will come to office on Monday, after Christmas vacation and we are only waiting what his immigration plan is all about. We sincerely hope that he takes away his attention from the H1B visa system since they are highly-skilled Indians and come to the US on their merit.

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