Trump increases budget to combat immigration but decreases police budget

Posted on: 22 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

immigration budget After the surprise win in the election, Donald Trump - the new president of the United States of America has proposed his blueprint about the latest upcoming budget of the country. With many surprises during the proposal of the budget blueprint, the most surprising moment came when Mr. Trump proposed that there will be an increment in the budget for combat immigration while the police budget will be reduced by some little percentage. Donald Trump proposed that the budget for combat immigration will be increased up to $4.8 billion, but with this proposal, he stunned almost every law and police officers present in the house. In the past, throughout his election campaign Donald. Trump said that he would help local people by punishing the foreign immigrants who will vow the immigration law. This proposal will also eliminate the status of the State Criminal Alien Assistance program and as a result, it will deny helping people who have broken immigration laws. This step will also sweep the protest campaign, which is currently going on for cancellation of immigrant visas. According to the officials, this move could save $210 million for the government. With this announcement, Mr. Trump believes that the USA could literally remove its status of being a sanctuary country. After this announcement, some mayors of the States have already ordered the jail to arrest people who are residing here as undocumented and illegal immigrants. This will also help the jails to collect government grant by detaining those foreign and undocumented immigrants. After this proposal, Mr. Trump astonished the present house members by reducing police budgets and as an after effect of this announcement New York police department stated that it will make the country vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The NYPD officers said the decrement in the budget will make a critical situation for them by having a low funding tool used against terrorism. They also stated that low budget will impact on the different NYPD training program starting from intelligence analysis, active shooter training and bomb diffusing tutorial classes. According to James P. O'Neil - commissioner of the NYPD, the new budget will cut almost every type of federal funds which is actually the backbone of the NYPD to save the country from the hands of terrorism and different criminal attacks. But the government administration has successfully defended the NYPD's statement by saying that the government is planning to decrease the budget just to save money from unnecessary programs.

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