Trump asks for Merit based immigration system

Posted on: 05 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

Immigration+Policy2 After the surprise winning of Donald Trump in the US Presidential election, White House is now witnessing the era of Trump who has already spent is the first week as the president of USA by saying that the government should cancel all the illegal visas for the foreign immigrants with immediate effect. But in is his latest speech to the Congress, he expressed his broader plans about the immigration rule which is nothing but to start an immigration system based on merit. Mr. Trump expressed that, with this new merit-based immigration rule it will be easy to put a priority on skills over family issues. He also mentioned that by opting this rule, the United States of America will have several benefits. But at the same time, some of the Republican members also expressed fear as this could harm the economy of the country when many of lower skilled immigrants are needed to fulfill the farm jobs in the different parts of the country. Currently, in the USA, most of the immigrants have visas depending upon their family members. According to the statistics, very few people have got visas based on their job and the number are less 20% of the total visa immigrants. Moreover, people having a green card can also apply for the visas. According to Trump, the new rule will be applicable for all the immigrants under which they will be awarded points based on their knowledge, education, skill and language proficiency. After that, the group of people having their rank on the top this point table will be given priority while issuing visas for the immigrants. In this method, skill and education will get more points than the family relations. Previously this system was featured in the county in 2007 when the total number of visas issued based on employment was increased substantially. Mr. Trump also mentioned that with this system he will favor short-term immigrants who will prove themselves not be a permanent dependent immigrant. When Mr. Trump was asked about the effect of the new rule on jobs, he said that the new system will bring an economic boost for the country by helping countless struggling American low skilled people and the middle-class people. Moreover, these will raise the workers and will save billions of dollars. Mr. Bush, executive director of NFAP, said that there is need of a new rule in the immigration policy, but it may not help the country from solving every kind of job-related issues.

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