Trump and May to discuss US and UK visas

Posted on: 09 Mar 2017  |   Tags: ,

UK visa The hot news doing the round all over the globe in the past few months has been Trump and his ways with immigration. And this time too this was the case when Trump met May in January 2017. The two iconic stalwarts and powerful figures met to discuss visa issues in both their spaces. Both the US and UK have a place of authority and dole out opportunities to the worthy and in such a context if the visa and immigration rules change then this would definitely cause a political turn of events as well as international relations. The most convoluted visa system on earth is that of the USA. And if Trump wants to initiate any amendments then it would be tedious to bring it all to the different visa categories including the H1B visa for graduates or the L1A and L1B transfer visas.  As per previous immigration rules, an individual coming within the E2, E1 and E3 treaty visa schemes can enter the US. Now what President Trump wants to do is to make the permission of these visa arrangements even more constrictive. In keeping with rules, the UK Tier 2 visa rules too are very strict and Mrs. May clearly has voiced her opinion that skilled visas for Indians will not increase. She stated this despite understanding well the prospect of encouraging any future beneficial trade deal. In such a condition it seems clear that visa rules would not be getting simpler under any of the two. Both the powerful countries are on the spree to cut down to reduce the number of people from other countries entering US and UK. Also, Brexit has a role to play in the UK system of visa rules. The UK Prime Minister has clearly stated that the Government will not follow or complete any commitments initiated in the leave campaign made by Brexit. This includes the clause that it would result in an immigration spur from countries of India and Pakistan. It was made clear that this would help the UK overcome several skills crisis. What the two now want to cash on is options that would facilitate US citizens working in UK and the other way round. Trump’s ‘America First’ US Visa policy conforms to this and gives entry to UK nationals in the US labor force. All said and done, it seems that stricter visa regulations await Indian, African, Pakistani and Eastern European nationals.  

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