Toronto has a Chance for Amazon Second Headquarters

Posted on: 12 Feb 2018  |   Tags: student news , visas , World News ,

Immigration experts feel that it is time Canada gives birth to the next multi-billion dollar company. Let’s take the example of Amazon choosing Toronto as one of the locations for building its second headquarters. All other 19 locations on the list of 20, all of which are from the US, are offering things like tax breaks and land at lower costs. But on the other hand Toronto isn’t offering anything more than it offers any other company, big or small, which includes higher standard of living at lower costs, easy route to permanent residency for skilled immigrants, public health scheme, free of charge community school for their children, better environmental quality, and a stable federal government. Well, if you really see, Canada, in whole, is offering a lot more than what the rather unstable government of the US can offer Amazon. Justin Trudeau, Canadian prime minister, has expressed his desire for the deal to come across. Amazon might or might not select Toronto as its final location, but it proves that the city has great potential. Toronto has a constantly evolving and dynamic technology sector, which is driven by talented, hardworking, and creative skilled workforce, which is a balance of local and foreign talent. If you see, this is what the Silicon Valley, New York, and Seattle looked a few years ago.

Going out of its way

The Canadian government has started the Global Skills Strategy, which started in June 2017 to allow foreign talent to come to Canada in just two weeks after securing a job. They are valid for permanent residency and enjoy all benefits like every Canadian citizen does. Canada is in a big need of healthcare professionals and IT workers all across the country. Even the provinces have made it a point to make sure that they retain immigrants.

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