Toronto: Desired Destination for Educated Experienced Americans

Toronto Desired Destination for Educated Experienced AmericansAccording to LinkedIn Reports, Toronto is one of the most desired destinations where Americans choose to live and work. The city has been marked third after London and Sydney. A research was done with the help of 25,000 Americans about where they want to settle since 2010. There are different factors for choosing Toronto - safety, schooling, health care, job prospects, culture and diversity to name a few. There were ten cities shortlisted where Toronto was placed at a third position.

Although this city has not been chosen by ambitious American university students for career prospective, it has been ranked high by the experienced professionals. Toronto has also been ranked highly as the ‘best place to live’ in a survey conducted by high profile publications.

According to the ranking produced by The Economist magazine, Toronto stands on the fourth position among the most ‘livable’ cities. This survey was done on the basis of infrastructure, culture, environment, health care, education, and stability. However, the Melbourne city topped the list.

With an overall score of 97.2 out of 100, Toronto scored behind Vancouver city. However, it is still ahead of the city Calgary by 0.6 marking. Toronto needs to progress in terms of infrastructure to lure more qualified people to be part of this city.

Moreover, the reports submitted by BBC reveals the fact that Toronto is the most diverse city in the world which includes half of its population from outside the Canada including 230 different nationalities. The total population of Toronto accounts to 2,576,030 which have 1,252,210 immigrants.

This has also been suspected that political motivation can also be the reason of people moving to Canada. According to the Google search report, hike in search ‘how to move to Canada’ was seen when Donald Trump was nominated in the race of presidential elections. It can be concluded that many people are finding their way out of America very soon.

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