Tips to Prepare for Starting University Life

Get ready for the wildlife calling the university. The university life is undoubtedly going to exceed all your expectations and sometimes be an overwhelming experience. For most of you, it is the first experience of the real world. We want to help you prepare for this real world so that the transition is easier for you. Here are four tips to kickstart your university life:

Great people with food

If you stay in a university hall or in a shared apartment, make handmade treats like muffins or brownies for your neighbors. They are going to be your extended family and help you whenever you need them, so get started with the friendship early in the beginning.

Decorate your university hall

Make yourself feel like home. The university hall is going to be your residence for the next three years, so decorate the way you would decorate your bedroom back at home. You can also decorate your living room with your flatmates according to different seasons and festivals.

Share your household chores

Distribute who does what right from the beginning. To reduce fatigue and boredom, you can rotate tasks every week. You can purchase a chores board so that your flatmates know what they have to do. The biggest burden is cooking. Alternate it every day, so you get to try everyone’s type of good. It is fun when you all belong to a multicultural background.

Never lose your house keys

Your house keys are your biggest treasure. If you stay on-campus and lose dormitory keys, you will have to pay the penalty before getting a copy. The passerby is not going to be too happy looking at you distraught in a pair of pajamas. Budgeting your finances is the most important part of your university life and should be at the top of your list.

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