Tier2 migration to UK is easier than before for Aussies

Tier2 migration to UK is easier than before for Aussies

England's recent decision to quit the EU would render Tier 2 migration to the United Kingdom less demanding for Australian citizens. It implies that more Aussies can stay and work in the United Kingdom in comparison to the past.

Downer (the Australian high commissioner to the United Kingdom) stated that: "As a delegate of the Australian government in the United Kingdom, my responsibility is to pursue prospects amidst the Brexit consequences. While the repercussions of the Eurozone disintegration for Australia persist to be visible, I assure to get hold of this concern as an occasion to tackle constraints on working visas."

This was not the situation when in 2011 Britain limited a few routes for non-European immigrants including skilled Australian laborers and capped Tier 2 making the limit of 20,000 visas in a year. Subsequently, the count of Australian citizens who were allowed a work visa by the Home Office in United Kingdom has dropped by 55% in the past 15 years with only 14,000 Aussies accepting a UK work visa in that time. Persons need to overcome the salary threshold of 35k Euros to receive a PR to live in the United States.

The expanded pay edge of £45,000 to increase inconclusive leave to stay (changeless habitation) which came into power on April 6, 2016 implies that Australians and other non-EU residents think that it’s difficult to stay in the United States in the long haul. Since 2010, the total number of Australian citizens working and staying in the United Kingdom has decreased by 42% for the most part because of Tier 2 movement limitations.

The economy of United Kingdom is profoundly reliant on European workforces for both unskilled and skilled occupations. Experts suggest that several of those occupations would be available to workforces from other countries, principally for people from Commonwealth nations like Australia.

It is also believed that New Zealand and Australia would work together in terms of visa agreements and joint free trade so that both countries could realize better economic growth.

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