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Tier 2 Visa Losing Fame – Indians Reluctant To Move In UK

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First H-1B in US. Now the Tier 2 visa in UK. What next? Changing immigration policies are hitting hard and fast.

The latest to get embroiled in the anti-immigration outburst is the Tier 2 visa from UK. The Home Office has revealed figures for the number of Tier 2 applicants recently. If their records are accurate, there is a decline of about 4 percent in the number of applications in the year ending in June 2017.

Tier 2 is the mainstay of the tech industry in UK as is the H-1B for US. But with radical changes about to happen in immigration policies for both nations, the panic is already spreading.

Up until now, Indians constituted a large majority of the applicants vying for the Tier 2 visa. And even after this decline, they continue to be so. However, the reduction in number may indicate a change in the trend.


Surveys suggest that the complicated application process for both the employer and the applicants are the primary reasons for this. The labor market test for UK-based employers makes it hard for them to find the right candidate in UK and EU. Compounding this effect is the anti-immigrant sentiment rampant in the western civilization. This is despite the fact that Indians have an exit rate of 97%. Considering the fact that these figures showcase more than 96% compliance according to Home Office themselves, one would expect the Tier 2 to be simplified for the better. Tough luck, it seems, is prevalent even after pleas of ‘favorable visa terms’ for Indians from British Asian Lord Jitesh Gadhia.

Uncertain Future?

Not quite. Things are certainly on a positive track. Very recently, a leaked Home Office document revealed UK’s plans to introduce restrictions on EU nationals entering the UK for employment. This ought to make the labor market more competitive, giving a boost to job seekers from commonwealth countries. Until then, Indians seem to maintain a judicious approach.

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