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The Cost of Studying in Poland

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Are you planning to study in a foreign country? Well, Poland is a great place. It has world renowned universities and a beautiful winter. It has only a population of over 38 million and career opportunities are limitless. Tuition fees are international students goes to a maximum of 3000 pounds annually. Vocational courses cost even less.

Source: National Geographic

Following are the costs that you will incur in a month of living in Poland as an international student:

1. Accommodation

Poland is one of the cheapest countries to live in. A 1BHK in Poland goes up to 400 euros of monthly rent. Most universities don’t have on-campus accommodation, so you have to find it on your own.

2. Other housing costs

In Poland, housing costs like water and electricity, garbage, and heating costs 150 euros monthly. Also, you have to pay your house owner, a deposit of double amount of your rent. You get it back when your lease is over.

3. Food and groceries

Food is also very cheap in Poland. On an average, it will cost you 100 – 150 euros monthly if you eat out frequently. You can further reduce the costs by buying groceries and cooking your own food. Common supermarkets in Poland are Tesco, Leclerc, and Auchan. A dinner for two costs as little as 5 euros in an average restaurant.

4. Transport

The Polish government has 24 euros monthly bus pass for students. Register yourself and get an international student ID to avail the facility. Gasoline costs as little as one euro, so affording a car is not quite difficult either.

5. Other costs

Other costs can be medical costs, study material costs, and winter clothes cost. It varies from season to season. But always keep 200 euros locked away for any of these. If you come from a tropical country, don’t buy winter clothes back home because they are very cheap in Poland.

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