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The Cost of Living in the US as International Student

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Students swear by the sentence that the United States of America is the best place for a master’s degree. It actually is! The American student culture is so vibrant. If you are from India, you will a strong Indian community there that will make you feel at home. There are endless employment opportunities as well. In this article, we aren’t discussing the college tuition fees because they vary depending on the course and the type of university.

Source: Times Higher Education

Here is how your typical month will go by in terms of the costs:

1. Rent

It is common for students pursuing masters to live together in an apartment since the rent is too high. Three to four students share a 2BHK apartment. Students going for bachelor’s have to stay on-campus for a year. It is a rule is certain colleges. Depending on the location, monthly rent can range between $500 to $1000. Yearly on-campus accommodations cost $9,800 to $11,000.

2. Basic utilities

If you stay in an on-campus accommodation, most of times this cost is included. Basic utilities include electricity, water, trash and recycling, heating, internet, and phone services. On an average electricity costs $50 a month, heating costs $50 – $100, internet and phone services cost $100, and water and trash and recycling costs $50 for three months.

3. Food and groceries

American grocery stores will spoil you with all the options. You have to be smart and avoid the sweets and snacks section because if you go there, you’ll turn bankrupt. Food and groceries will cost you $300 to $500 monthly. If you live on-campus, the costs are low as you can eat in the canteen. You will have to pay an extra $170 to $250 monthly for that.

4. Entertainment

There are many types of recreation in the US. From expensive ones like going to the movies to cost-free park visits and free concerts, there’s something for everyone.

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