The Australian visa program gets a rejig

Posted on: 22 Apr 2016  |   Tags: 457 visa , australia , immigration policy , reforms , skill labor ,

Australian_student_visa The most commonly used Australian visa program is the 457 visa – to sponsor skilled workers, for both Australian or overseas employers, to work in Australia temporarily. The best immigration consultants in India can provide the details regarding the visa and advise on the 2 major alternate sponsorships - Business and self-sponsorship offered by the visa program. According to the program the temporary skilled Australian work visa, subclass 457, permits skilled workers to work for an agreed business and the visa is valid for up to four years. A recent federal proposal that allowed businesses to bring in specialists for a shorter duration of about a year without the 457 visa has been abandoned. The Australian government has shifted their focus on other options to revamp the skilled worker migration visas to heighten competitiveness. The short-term mobility visa is not on the agenda The Australian Immigration Department plans to reform and create a new and a more simplified system that deregulates the visa requirements. It will focus on improving the overall procedure for applying for the visa, as well as reducing any related visa procedures. More details regarding the reforms will be provided by the best immigration consultants in India. A visa program proposed earlier in December 2014 Immigration Department proposal paper was controversial. The visa program named “short-term mobility visa” is not on the agenda, according to the information from the best immigration consultants in India. The visa program proposed, seemed to cut protection for workers and permitted the employers to evade some requirements like the labor market testing as well as the proficiency of the English language. 457 visa reforms to a simplified system The Immigration department is currently focusing on reforms to make things easier for getting the 457 visas. A lot of consultation has been done to develop options to reform the visa system for the highly skilled workers, and at the same time ensures support to Australia’s economic future. The Australian government recognizes the fact that the visa programs are difficult to navigate, especially the skilled migration as well as the temporary activity visa programs. There is a need to smarten the visa regulations, improve integrity in the visa programs and increase the contribution of the skilled workers to the productivity and economy of Australia. The Immigration Department is working on reforms to improve the competitiveness and attract highly skilled workers to Australia. The new visa structure includes access to entrepreneurs and fields where workers will be required in future, so contact the best immigration consultants in India.

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