Texas to get first immigrant detention centre under Trump

Posted on: 16 Apr 2017  |   Tags: ,

dentention Recently a private prison organization in the USA has announced that they have gone into a contract with the Federal government worth $110 million to build an immigration center in Texas and it is going to be the first center for the immigrants in the presidential era of Mr. Donald Trump. The private prison company known as the GEO Group confirmed that the said facility will have 1,000 beds and will be opened by the end of 2018. The group also added that this center is going to be a part of the promise made by Mr. Trump for the detention of immigrants and to put them in an asylum while they will undergoing through the immigration process. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the country already reported that they have a record of almost 41,000 detainees in the country. They are planning to use a huge number of unused beds for this, but according to a memo by the local media, ICE won’t be able to use these beds until and unless funds have been released. Geo Group, which claims the second position for a private prison contractor under ICE also confirmed that they have also 3,000 unused beds. A group of advocates for immigration rights in the country said that they are surprised by the contract when ICE is fighting with not having proper funds and huge numbers of unused beds. Mr. Trump also instructed the ICE to hold all the suspected immigrants for breaching the laws as they may become a threat to the nation’s security. He also told the ICE to gather every available and necessary resource to operate and control the facility to hold illegal immigrants and people from the Mexico border. Mr. Carl Takei, a staff attorney in the National Prison project of the American Civil Liberties Union said that assigning of $110 million for the private prison contractors is wastage of money as they are already controlling 75% of the facilities for immigrant holding. He also added that the location of the new facility is also astonishing as GEO already has a facility in the same town with 1,517 beds. He also put a question on why ICE is planning to expand its facility and from where they are really getting money for this extension as ICE runs with a very few amount of money and they can’t get additional funding for the immigrant detention extension until the Congress gives approval for the funding.  

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