Technology Needs a Boost From Immigrants In Canada

Technology Needs a Boost From Immigrants In CanadaCanada now is in need of skilled immigrants who can boost the country’s technology industry. Jayson Hilchie who is the CEO of the Entertainment Software Association pointed out that the Canada is in need of talented immigrants to boost their technology. In the website, the CEO writes about the need of the smartest and the talented from abroad to help grow the technology industry. Jayson Hilchie also pointed out that the popular games like FIFA were created in Canada with the help of international talents.

Hilchie believes that working with the best talents from abroad will help the Canadian employers to learn and grow. He also believes that boosting skilled immigration will improve the country’s economic growth. Standing Committee on Human Resources also recommended that more skilled workers should be brought in under the TFWP.

Estimated 1,400 intermediate to senior level software industry jobs will require filling till the year 2018 and 1,82,000 technology jobs need filling by 2019. Hilchie argues by asking to bring the brightest talents from abroad on a short-term basis so as to grow Canada’s capacity in the industry. It is believed that the global talent visa would help to attract talented migrants to the country.

Meanwhile, John McCallum, Immigration Minister, prioritized the immigration of software industrial talent. In a recent poll, it was found that Canadian natives are aware of the benefit of economic boost provided by skilled immigrants. The Canadian government is also planning to give more importance to job-oriented formal education to fill the gaps effectively and provide more jobs for native Canadians.

Hilchie concludes by saying that the ultimate goal should be upbringing of the Canadian natives to grow as skilled workers in the future, but for now, the country calls for skilled workers from abroad to sustain the gap that needs to be filled. However, the long-term goal still remains to provide more opportunities for the Canadian workers and families.

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