Tech sector of Canada expected to grow

Tech sector of Canada expected to growWith the United Kingdom making strict policies for immigration following Brexit and Trump being elected as America’s President, Canada is all set to take away the icing of the cake. The two big competitors being eliminated from the list, now Canada will be the most desired location for tech based people to move into for improving the lifestyle and exploring new avenues. An estimate claims that Canada is going to offer 182,000 vacancies in the tech sector by 2019, skilled employees from other countries are so optimistic to get an opportunity to be part of Canada . 71,000 such companies are giving 7% country’s output by employing 5.6% of the working capital. The contribution of tech based people is much more than oil and gas, mining and forestry combined. The main techno hub is the British Columbia city of Victoria but there are companies everywhere looking for right person with right qualification. Trump’s victory has resulted in people looking for job opportunity in Canada from Silicon Valley. With the reformed immigration policy of Canada, tech based talents and international students can easily make their way through Express Entry System. More points will be awarded to people qualified in specific area. The new scheme of Fast-track Visa has also been launched by federal government and that too especially for the technology talent. After these transformations of policies, tech giants of Canada, Shopify and Hootsuite is praising this step of the government whole heartedly. The current system needs at least six months for the processing but with the changes it will take two weeks for the companies to get visas and work permits. Companies are also having the opportunity to bring the talent for short span say one month which can later on extended across an year. Through this rule, companies will be able to obtain fast-track visas by proving their need of high skilled talent  to create jobs and knowledge for natives.  

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