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US Border Tightened Against Migrant Caravan

in USA Immigration by

US Border Tightened Against Migrant CaravanSecurity measures are being reinforced in the US as hundreds of Central American migrants looking to get asylum in the country reaches Tijuana, the Mexican border city. US military are erecting barricades and laying razor wire.

From among the thousands of migrating caravans making their way to enter the US through Mexico, around 400 migrants broke away. These 400 migrants have become the first batch of the caravan migrants to reach the Mexican border city of Tijuana. They arrived by bus on Tuesday.

The migrants said that they remain unafraid in their attempt to get asylum in the US despite President Trump administration’s aggressive move against them.

A migrant, Kenny Moran, said that it has been a tough month moving from Honduras. He said he left Honduras, with wife and daughter to escape from gang violence and poverty. He also said that the gangs practically make it impossible for you and your family to live. He made it clear that he does not know anyone in the US but knows there is work in Houston.

Human rights organizations revealed that larger groups would arrive in the coming days. An order signed by Trump last Friday has effectively brought suspension to granting of asylum to illegal immigrants. This will inevitably and significantly slow claims at the gate of entry. Nevertheless, immigrants are not deterred.

One of them said he prefers to be in detention in the United States than returning to a country where he knows he might be killed for his difference. Another said he’s willing to remain in Tijuana until the current hype goes down.

Reaction from the US

Jim Mattis, US Defense Secretary, said that he would visit the border today. Lanes at the Otay Mesa and San Ysidro crossings from Tijuana will be closed in order to give the Department of Defense enough room to mount barricades and put barbed wire in place according to US Customs and Border Protection.

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USA Recommends New Reforms to H-1B Visa Programme

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USA Recommends New Reforms to H-1B Visa ProgrammeThe administration of Trump intends to revise the employment definition and specialty professions below the H-1B visas, a change which could have an unfavorable impact on IT companies of India in the U.S.A. It creates a large gap between employers and employees.

USCIS New Proposals on H1-B Visa

The U.S.C.I.S intends to reach out with its latest proposal by Jan 2019. The current plan will enhance the focus on getting the best and the brilliant foreign nationals through the programme of H-1B. The motto of US to restrict the skilled professionals it affects the IT professionals from countries like India. U.S.C.I.S is also planning to implement a rigorous interview process for the H1-B visa, so if you are planning to move the US through H1-B, you need to focus more.

With the growth of protectionism, IT firms from India running in the US have been recruiting more in America, yet there is a massive demand for H-1B visas to obtain cheaper resources from nations like China and India. If the US government begins to implement new reforms, then it creates a significant loss for Indian IT firms in the USA.

As per experts analysis, there are few companies from India are expected to be good with these current proposals, and also it aspires some IT professionals from India to work in the USA. Finally, these proposals may have a mixed opinion.

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Plenty of Skilled Indian Job Seekers Looking for a Job in Canada Over US

in Canada Immigration by

Plenty of Skilled Indian Job Seekers Looking for a Job in Canada Over USA growing number of Indian job seekers are looking for work opportunities in Canada over the USA, with explorations for tech jobs heading the way, a recent study reveals.

Fluctuations in Job Searches for Canada and USA

Canada job searches share accompanied from India grew from 6 to 13 percent within Aug 2016 and Jul 2018, states the study by the successful job site, Indeed.

This equivalent period observed the searches share from India for employment openings in the US dropped from 60 to 50%, with Canada choosing up most of the dismissed interest.

This net 17% point narrowing in related search demand was simply the most significant swing among the nations we analyzed, Indeed states. The study observed at cross-border job researches from 58 nations over the two-year period, with a distinct focus on explorations aiming Canada and the USA.

With software developer, business analyst, data scientist, web developer, software engineer, Java developer, and data analyst thinking among the top 10 job explorations from India, the report told that rising interest in Canada could prove a benefit to the Canada tech industry.

Most Explored Jobs

 1 Business Analyst
 2 Mechanical Engineer
 3 Software Developer
 4 Project Manager
 5 Web developer
 6 Data Scientist
 7 Java Developer
 8 Civil Engineer
 9 Software Engineer
 10 Data Analyst


The study announced the growth in searches might be partly due to both the booming tech scene in Canada and question about the US H-1B visa program, which the US administration President Donald Trump has hardened.

Citizens of India are by the far primary beneficiaries of the specialty professions visas, which several workers in tech and different S.T.E.M associated fields rely on to work in the US.

Canada, meantime, has increased path to temporary work visas for qualified skilled workers by the Global Talent Stream program and its Global Skills Strategy. Overall, the Indeed research revealed searches share in Canada increased in 41 of the 58 nations analyzed, and declined in the other 17 countries.

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US Investor visa is Giving a Path to Foreign Students to Get Green Card

in USA Immigration by

International Students Can Use US Investor Visa to Gain Green CardA fewer known immigration visa allows foreign students a way to U.S. colleges and universities — and a green card — but the cost is affordable for only fewer people.

An Immigrant Investor Visa Program or EB-5 does not limit where or how many students manage off-campus and enables them to live in the nation later graduation, both perks not possible to holders of F-1 student visa, as per EB-5 Daily, a website that gets news concerning the EB-5 program. But in correspondence for fewer limitations, EB-5s have a daunting price tag — candidates should invest minimum $500,000.

Many wealthy foreign students come to the U.S., and plenty of them are very motivated,” stated Ishaan Khanna, a current college graduate, and holder of EB-5 visa.

A way to Immigration

Khanna arrived in the U.S. from India on an F-1 student visa to read at the University of Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. As graduation progressed, he began looking for paths to stay and work in the U.S.

If I needed to assist my career, being in the U.S., notably close to Silicon Valley, was a no-brainer, told Khanna, who was seeing for jobs in the sector of technology. He began studying EB-5 visas through his senior year.

Critics Analysis of this EB-5 Path

Sometimes the money is robbed, as per some cases of cour. The documentation gives 287 regional centers whose agreement with the government of U.S. has been discontinued for either losing to present necessary information to USCIS or for no lasting serving the objective of advancing economic growth. In the current month, there were 1,382 sanctioned regional centers.

Where to invest?

Although parents typically provide money, students seldom choose where to invest. That is apparently the most critical part of the EB-5 process for several investors, told Yale-Loehr he is working as immigration law professor.

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US Visa Strongly Supports Science and Tech MBAs

in USA Immigration by

US Visa Strongly Supports Science and Tech MBAsA regular MBA from an American business school could not have been the best qualification to allow Harleen Kaur Bhomrah to fulfill her dream of building a career in the US.

Despite, the recruitment head turned his mind when Ms. Bhomrah, who is Indian, told that the MBA she had finished with the STEM, designation, providing her a further 02 years on her post-study work visa.


Benefits of Having MBA with STEM Designation for US Work Visa

In the USA, STEM has an extra benefit regarding the doors it unlocks for work visas. It is essential for American business schools, which are battling to invert a drop in international applicants, due in part to the opinion that the US has become less welcoming to immigrants.

Non-US students finishing from these programs can then appeal for a 24-month voluntary practical training, or OPT, an extension to the one-year work visa that is default available following graduation.

Wisconsin converted the first US business school to allow an MBA with Stem designation in 2016, and it has had a good effect on demand. Appeals to the school’s different MBA programmes dropped 13 percent last year, but these to the degree course which is STEM-designated dropped only 7 percent.

The University of Rochester’s Simon Business School in New York has run more than either Wisconsin or Fuqua and this year obtained permission for all of its full-time programmes of MBA to be STEM designated.

Chioma Isiadinso, chief executive and co-founder of the admissions agency Expartus, observes that several prospective MBA students are moving to the US from abroad to express a benefit in courses that incorporate an element of technology education on the curriculum, especially data analytics.

The STEM is a factor, Ms. Isiadinso states. But our customers are still more concentrated on targeting schools that are top-ranked and have outstanding career statistics for the areas they wish to proceed.

Students can get employment in US without Visa

in USA Immigration/Visas by

Students Can Get Employment In Us Without VisaNow there is a sigh of relief for the global students who want to work outside the campus in the US, along with the internship which is related to their studies. These students can also look for some part time jobs in the campus premises to earn some financial aid while they are pursuing their studies.

It can be easily understood through the example of Chinese student, Yi Xu. She was able to get hold of two jobs in the campus as a language tutor in her native language, Chinese. She got this opportunity while studying in St. Mary’s College in Maryland. This college runs several linguistic programs in Spanish, French, and Chinese etc.

Because of the absence of the Chinese tutor she was instantly hired when she approached the Head of the Language Program for Chinese. Lots of students had graduated out from the college which paved the way for easy hiring of Yi Xu.

Yi Xu was made to attend calls and divert the calls to front desk which required great communication skills in English. She was confident about her communication skills but things did not turn out as planned. She faced the accent problem and was not able to understand and answer promptly to the queries.

Later on, she was transferred to the packaging room where she had to arrange the packages. She just needed to send the mailers to the students to collect their packages. This work required less interaction of her with the people.

After one Semester, she was more confident and comfortable in interacting with people and answer calls. She is still continuing her job in her Degree School which is School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Yi Xu started this job as a mean of earning money but it also helped her in increasing her social circle and made her some good friends too.

Employment Based Visas in the United States

in Featured/Immigration/USA Immigration by

Employment Based Visas in the United States
The United States green card is a lawful permanent residential status in the US and allows any employer to work permanently. Giving access to the federal benefits, one in possession of a US green card can also apply for US citizenship later in time. The news is out that the US employment-based green cards are easier to apply for than before. As of October 1, the US Department of States will start processing the EB-1 visas for the immigrants regardless of the birth country.

The EB-1 visa can be applied by multinational managers and executives, foreign nationals of extraordinary ability, and outstanding professors and researchers. However, the request for EB-1 visa from immigrants of Mainland China and India are backlogged. Likewise, EB-2 visas are also backlogged for the immigrants from India and China. The EB-2 visa category includes professionals and foreign nationals.

Foreign-born skilled workers and professionals fall into the category of EB-3 visa appliers. There is restricted a number of green cards available for the EB-3 visa while the backlog is just till June 1, 2016. However, the process takes around 4 months to issue labor certificate to employ a foreign national, which is a requirement for EB-3 visa and also EB-2.

In the EB-5 category, only the investors from China, who are willing to invest in projects from regional centers, are excluded. However, those investors from China who wishes to invest in non-regional centers are welcomed, who have an I-526 immigrant petition with receipt dates on or before February 22, 2014.

The individuals who will be most benefitted are the immigrants from China and India who have to wait the longest. However, the dates for EB-1 and EB-5 are most likely to show the movement most. If the time expands more, these immigrants who apply have to wait much longer than expected. But the dates are not yet confirmed for the same.

US H1B Visa 2016 News Updates and FAQs

in Immigration/USA Immigration by

hqdefault (1)

The USCIS received a large number of H1B petitions over the last few weeks, well above the upper cap. According to the US H-1B visa news, random selections along with the lottery was conducted by the USCIS to select over 85000 H-1B petitions in order to complete the work permit cap. So if you are planning to apply for H-1B visa for the next year, you must be wondering about the US H-1B visa quotas for next year. Well, here’s what you need to know about US H-1B visa, the process involved and the criterion for selection.

When will the fiscal year of 2016 for the US H-1B session begin?

According to the US H-1B news and updates, the USCIS started accepting the petitions from April 1st, 2015 itself. On March 12th USCIS also did a press release providing everyone with the details.

Lottery system

There was a lottery for FY 2014 and 2015. Where around 125,000 petitions were filed in FY 2014 and 172,500 petitions were recorded in the year of 2015. As per the news H-1B quota expectedly did not increase for FY 2016, whereas the demand for the same is pretty high.

How to Plan for US H-1B Visa?

Well, it completely depends on what your situation is.

  •    In case you are the student and you are currently on the F1 visa in USA, then all you need to do is register for certain internship programs or apply for OPT employment at a company that can really help you by sponsoring your H-1B visa for the required fiscal year.
  •    If you are a resident of some other country and are planning to apply for the H-1B visa for next year, then it is better for you to start your application process around the end of this year itself. This will provide you with enough time to search for your sponsors, jobs or whatever is required.
  •    If you are already on the H4 or L1 visa in the USA and now you are planning for the H-1B US visa for the coming fiscal year, then here you should consider planning the process around the end of this very year.

What are the new changes introduced in H1B Visa?

There are certain proposed changes to the H-1B visa programs that cater to demand and US economy and these changes are tagged as the Comprehensive Immigration reform.

Below mentioned are certain proposed changes:

  • The H-1B work permit cap is expected to be increased from 65,000 to about 110,000 per year. Along with the certain provisions may have it up to 180,000 where there is an extreme demand.
  • In the case of Advance degree from the USA work permit cap quota is expected to increase from 20,000 to about 25,000.
  • The fee for applying for the H-1b visa might go up to about 10,000 USD.
  • New rules have also been added to avoid any fraudulent moves by the employers while applying for H-1B US Visa.
  • From now on it is compulsory to have LCA posting 30 days before it is been certified.
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