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Students Associations Tell Canada to Remove Barriers to PSW

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Students Associations Tell Canada to Remove Barriers to PSWIn a bid to improve the immigration system for international students in Canada, the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations (CASA) presented recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

In September, Canada launched a study on migration challenges and opportunities for the country in the 21st century with CASA as one of the evidence providers.

While commenting, Adam Brown, chairman of CASA board, told the study committee that the Canadian government needs to get rid of administrative and regulatory barriers that may proof stumbling blocks for students seeking jobs and residence after graduation because international students are imperative to finding solutions to skill shortages.

CASA’s recommendations

CASA proposed a few key recommendations to the committee including; a six-month window after graduation to look for employment as well as internships and work experience program participation minus an additional work permit. They also advised that rules that hinder post-secondary staff from giving immigration advice be relaxed to provide room for flexibilities.

CASA board chair argued that it takes five months, on the average, to get a job in Canada after graduation hence the need for a longer window. He explained that the current window of 90 days (three months) given for getting employment after graduation is not realistic regarding current workforce situations in the country, let alone taking into consideration the life’s complications that could happen after graduation.

Mr. Brown also added that the requirements set for post-secondary staff to get a certificate that will permit them to give immigration advice are so high that many international students are not able to get migration information on campus. He said some institutions could not meet the commitment of time and resources required for the certification.

CASA believes that if these things are adjusted, international students will give more back to the system; hence Canada will be better off.

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Plenty of Skilled Indian Job Seekers Looking for a Job in Canada Over US

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Plenty of Skilled Indian Job Seekers Looking for a Job in Canada Over USA growing number of Indian job seekers are looking for work opportunities in Canada over the USA, with explorations for tech jobs heading the way, a recent study reveals.

Fluctuations in Job Searches for Canada and USA

Canada job searches share accompanied from India grew from 6 to 13 percent within Aug 2016 and Jul 2018, states the study by the successful job site, Indeed.

This equivalent period observed the searches share from India for employment openings in the US dropped from 60 to 50%, with Canada choosing up most of the dismissed interest.

This net 17% point narrowing in related search demand was simply the most significant swing among the nations we analyzed, Indeed states. The study observed at cross-border job researches from 58 nations over the two-year period, with a distinct focus on explorations aiming Canada and the USA.

With software developer, business analyst, data scientist, web developer, software engineer, Java developer, and data analyst thinking among the top 10 job explorations from India, the report told that rising interest in Canada could prove a benefit to the Canada tech industry.

Most Explored Jobs

 1 Business Analyst
 2 Mechanical Engineer
 3 Software Developer
 4 Project Manager
 5 Web developer
 6 Data Scientist
 7 Java Developer
 8 Civil Engineer
 9 Software Engineer
 10 Data Analyst


The study announced the growth in searches might be partly due to both the booming tech scene in Canada and question about the US H-1B visa program, which the US administration President Donald Trump has hardened.

Citizens of India are by the far primary beneficiaries of the specialty professions visas, which several workers in tech and different S.T.E.M associated fields rely on to work in the US.

Canada, meantime, has increased path to temporary work visas for qualified skilled workers by the Global Talent Stream program and its Global Skills Strategy. Overall, the Indeed research revealed searches share in Canada increased in 41 of the 58 nations analyzed, and declined in the other 17 countries.

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Canada will require strong overseas tech workforce by 2019

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Canada will require strong overseas tech workforce by 2019It is estimated that Canada’s technology sector will require a high workforce by the year 2019. Additionally, no Canadian citizen will be  available to fill these posts. Approximately  182,000 jobs in the tech industry would be  available for overseas immigrants. Donald Trump’s victory in the US as well as  Brexit policy of the UK will bring out Canada to be the ideal  destination for immigrants across the globe.

The preferences of international immigrants are becoming narrower according to the latest trends in the UK and US politics. Brexit referendum was clearly in favor of restricting the number of immigrants entering UK. International immigrants who were poised to move to the US, might consider Canada for work opportunities.

Canada has approximately 71,000 firms in the technology sector that account for six percent of jobs in Canada and contribute for more than seven percent of the nation’s economy. Undoubtedly Canada has huge requirement of workers. Firms in Canada at the present scenario are looking for hiring diverse workers. Skilled employees in the technology sector, sales sector and marketing sector of the top level managerial posts are in a great demand in the job sector, according to the HR Vice President Heather Galt at Communitech. He says that Canada is the preferable choice for immigrants when compared to the US as it has a comfortable environment, lesser commuting time and quality education system.

The government of Canada has introduced new policies to enable the smoother hiring of overseas talents by firms in Canada. The H1-B visa of the US requires six months for processing at present but now The Canadian government has planned to make the process of visa more easier and faster to the overseas immigrants. The picturesque environment in Canada along with the flourishing technology sector has now also attracted the attention of many international migrants which will help in flourishing the economy in Canada.

Fast – Track Visa for Tech Based Talent in Canada

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Fast - Track Visa for Tech Based Talent in CanadaThe Government of Canada made the announcement in public that it will be easier to bring skilled talent in country in the coming days. It would prove to be a matter of benefit for the business in the technology sector. Bill Morneau, The Finance Minister of Canada made the plan clear that now it will be simpler for the growing and big firms to bring in tech based workers from abroad to the country. Big Canadian technology companies like Shopify and Hootsuite were the first ones to praise this step as they were disappointed with the old system. This new plan will minimize the process period to two weeks which was six months in the earlier system.

This plan will also create a 30 day work permit which can be extended to one year. This will reduce the time for new paperwork. It is a matter of fact that most of these proceedings will be taken care under the guidance of Immigration Minister, John McCallum.

Labour Market Impact Assessment will look upon the requirement being fulfilled by Canadian only. New rules will be helping the multinationals in Canada to bring in highly skilled foreign workers to boost the economy of the nation. The President and CEO of Entertainment Software Association of Canada wrote a blog about the same for the Huffington Post recently where he supported this decision.

The biggest clothing company of Canada, Lululemon also made it clear to leave Canada if the immigration process is not fixed early as they are facing acute shortage of employees. The new visa policy will be able to cop up with the predictions of a shortage of 200,000 workers in 2020 as stated by ICTC. As per the new plan, nearly 12,000 more technically sound migrants will be welcomed to the country. However, McCallum proposed the same number of immigrants in 2017 as in 2016 which are 300,000.

Francophone Immigration Week Brings French Diversity in Canada

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Francophone Immigration Week Brings French Diversity in CanadaCanada had celebrated the Francophone Immigration Week till 5th November, 2016 which was started from 31st October, 2016. This 4 year old celebration was started by Francophone Immigration network, federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities of Canada. This program upholds the theme to ‘build community through diversity’ and has presented programs like cultural events, community feast, sports, career oriented workshops and other events to the limelight.

The main motive behind this celebration is to display the versatility of this community and to attract more Francophone newcomers. This is also a step towards strengthening of bond between Canadian Communities and Francophone Communities. Mr. John McCallum, Immigration Minister of Canada also gave green signal to the event. He pondered upon the importance of francophone community in Canada and also highlighted to invite more of such immigrants in Canada.

According to Mr. McCallum there have been various steps taken to promote the feeling of equality in Francophone community in Canada. The minority francophone communities are being promoted to the French speaking nationals, Provincial Nominee Program, offering the services related to francophone to the French speaking people are some of the examples of such efforts made by govt. of Canada.

Apart from these programs, the efforts can also be seen in the jobs provided in Canada. Employers are promoting the francophone nationals to the permanent job position in order to make them economically strong and contribute more the development of the country.

If new laws are to be checked out then it will be seen that modifications in the Labour Market Impact Assessment Exemption will bring new opportunities in the same stream. It will allow the francophone minorities to get hired on the high skilled positions in the companies on a temporary basis. More efforts are promised to be made in this direction. Canadian government had also promised to absorb more French speakers into Canada earlier this year.

Canadian Government to Welcome More Immigrants

in Canada Immigration/Featured/Immigration/Visas/World Visa News by

Canadian Government to welcome more immigrantsImmigrants are the assets of the nation and could increase the national gross income of the country that they are visiting. Income starts from the most basic producer and ends up in the treasury of the country. So, if a country brings in more immigrants- they can be either students or working class they will ultimately pay that country and that adds up to the economy of the nation.

However, bringing in an immigrant is not easy. Certain procedures and rules need to be followed to bring in people from another country. Every country has an advisory board that will, just like the name implies, advice the officials on whether they can afford bringing in immigrants and how to protect their rights and the native people’s rights. The Advisory Council has urged the Canadian government to increase their immigration rates for better economic growth. They have advised the government to increase the immigration rates by fifty percent with 450,000 immigrants per year over a period of five years.

This sudden need for immigrants is envisaged to increase the economic stability of Canada in the long run which includes more entrepreneurs and skilled workers. This particular council has about fourteen members which include capitalists, investors and other professionals who are involved in the economic affairs of the country. The recommendations and suggestions are to be submitted to the government by 20th of October. John McCallum- the Canadian Immigration minister has told that in the past, proper measures weren’t taken to welcome immigrants and that now the government will frame proper measures and make immigration its first priority to pave the road for a stronger economy. And to make it easier, the processing time for the residence programs has been reduced by 42 percent. This final decision is expected to increase the country’s economy greatly in the long-run.

Reopening of International Experience Canada (IEC) Program for 2017 Season

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Canada (IEC) ProgramCitizens of 32 countries would get the opportunity to live and work in Canada on a temporary basis under the IEC program for 2017. The candidates who are eligible for the same can apply for the pool by creating a profile for their respective country and category. Some of the countries which are eligible for the program are Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Hong Kong.

Working holidays, Young professionals and International Co-op are the three salient categories for this program which are made available to the candidates. The applicant can also apply for more than one category depending upon the country and citizenship. However, the category of Young professionals has proved to be very beneficial for the people from a really long time. The best part about this category is that young people who are intended to stay in Canada on IEC permit decide to stay longer or even permanently. Another advantage is the opportunity to travel across Canada for different purposes under the IEC program.

A person has to create a profile to apply for the open work permit in the season of 2017. To submit the application successfully, one must receive an ITA before submitting the application.

There are no discrimination done on the basis of the ranking system but all the candidates get an equal chance of being issued the ITA. Candidates who are interested to apply for the pool, need to apply as soon as possible in order to increase the chances for being issued with an ITA.

The dates for the first round have not been announced yet, but people are looking forward to this program. A notice period of five days would be given before the final round for any country and category. All the three categories have the different duration period of issuing the work permit and that too for the different reason. The application would be processed within 8 weeks.

Amendments in TFWP

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Amendments in TFWPRecently, government of Canada has recommended certain changes in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that can turn into a law soon and could prove to be helpful for migrants. The proposed amendments is considered as a blessing for the business fraternity started demanding for a less administrative procedure which would help to ramp up the industrial sector. “The committee had made good recommendations, which includes setting the limit on the count of short-term overseas employees per industry, steps like establishing a System for trusted employers, taking measures to line up with the impermanent and permanent migration systems with companies ”, quoted Richard Truscott, VP of Alberta and British Columbia formed for this

For Employers in Canada, a Labor Market Impact Assessment has been set up which is swifter and more effective. Furthermore, exemption from LIMA process and prerequisite to propose transition strategies for competent and efficient workforces has been provided to smoothen the process. In this topic, Truscott spotted that its no logic for firms to bring foreign workers to the country, train them, orientate them into business & then past 4 years, we move them out of the country. Also a notable feature of this draft is localized data analysis of unemployment statistics with reference to low salary positions in locations with a 6% or greater levels unemployment.”

The facilities to foreign workers in Canada include permanent residence for all such workers, abolish cumulative duration rule and extension of work permit durations of caregivers were expressed in draft. There is also talks on multiple work visas during seasonal work. On this topic, Syed Hussain, Toronto-based Migrant Workers Alliance for Change’s Coordinator, conveyed concern regarding the approval of this law that lacks permanent immigration status. Mark Olsen, Manager of the Union’s Regional office also quoted “Companies should have to pay whatever the going rate is for construction otherwise not many Canadians will apply for posts.”

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