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Immigration is the Important Foundation of America

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Immigration is the Important Foundation of America One of the biggest challenges in the society today is immigration. It involves the people, the country as well as the people who come to the US for greener pastures.

The topic, immigration, is not a new one, as well as the battle against it; yet, an effective way to tackle it has not been found. The US has been shaped by the immigrants’ cultures which are diverse. A better life, believed to be found in the US, is sought after by people far and near. This is why some even cross the oceans to come here.

Obvious concerns have been made about the country’s economy as well as how secured the future and jobs are; but from the research made, it is seen that no correlation exists between high rates of unemployment and immigration.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) reported that it believes that immigration is an integral part of the growth of the economy of the nation.

According to the report, by 2024, the estimated jobs to be available in the country is 35.3 million approximately. If the considered jobs to be created is 9.8 million, and with the country’s decline in birth rate, there is evidence of insufficient manpower to carry out the jobs. As such, the demographic challenge which the US is facing has immigration as an essential piece.

The Harsh Truth

The issue with the current immigration is not how these immigrants cross the borders or their intentions, but how our system is handling the whole situation.

Significant immigration reform legislation has not been passed by the government since 1986; making it about 33 years since this problem has not been appropriately addressed.

The effect of immigrants and immigration on our country today and our daily living is not fully comprehended.

Immigrants either found or own most of the country’s establishment and businesses. About 28% of the US businesses are owned by entrepreneurs who are immigrants. 48% of the overall growth of business ownership between 2000 and 2013 was accounted for by immigrants. Examples include: a Poland immigrant, Maxwell Kohl founded the Kohl’s Department Store. Also, an immigrant from Russia, Sergey Brin confounded Google.

The time has come for this challenge to be tacked. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped, without the lives of those individuals seeking better lives being in danger.

A plan should be formulated to clear the problem and not worsen it. However, the way this situation is handled will reflect on us as a people and as a country wholly. It is better if it has a positive reflection and not negative.

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Thousands of Immigration Cases Indefinitely Delayed Due To Shut down

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Thousands of Immigration Cases Indefinitely Delayed Due To Shut downThe federal government has delayed thousands of immigration cases due to the ongoing partial shutdown by the Trump administration.

It is reported by the ABC News that most courts handling immigration cases have closed down due to the shutdown, thereby causing delay. As a result, a lot of asylum application and immigration claims cases are still untouched as the shutdown is moving to its third week.

The Immigration judged have reported that these delays have made the cases worse and also made the President’s goal, in terms of the border security, not achievable.

The People Laments

The Vice President of the National Association of Immigration Judges, Amiens Khan complained about how frustrating the situation was. He spoke on the irony of the whole situation, stating that the government was shut down to ensure border security and yet, it was affecting the Immigration system.

In December, there was a report that the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), without prior notice, had informed a lot of immigration attorneys of the postponement of their cases.

There are complaints from attorneys that EOIR didn’t notify them and this had rendered a lot of the attorneys and their clients (migrants) clueless about what the future holds for their cases.

An attorney with the African Hispanic Immigration Organization (AHIO), Kidhen Banet, had tweeted, at that time, how he was clueless about the cases until he had tweeted other attorneys and also called the court.

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USA: Democrats Reject Building Border Walls

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Democrats Reject Building Border WallsDonald Trump, President of the United States, has blamed the opposition Democrats for the demise of the two immigrant kids who were in the US custody.

According to Trump, the death of children and others at the border are a direct result of the Democrats’ refusal to agree to the erection of the border walls, thereby permitting immigrants to enter the country illegally.

This comment came after the separate death of the two children from Guatemala who illegally crossed the border with their relatives, and had been in the U. S. Patrol border’s custody.

This was after he had tweeted that he was waiting for the democrats at the white house to conclude the border walls deal.

The Guatemalan eight-year-old, Felipe Gomez died of fever while in the US custody with his father, Augustin Gomez. This same occurrence happened on the same day, earlier this month where another Guatemalan kid, Jakelin Caval also died.

It is recorded, that in the last two months, 139,817 people have been apprehended by the US border patrol agents, on the southwest border. This is compared to the 74,946 people who were apprehended same time a year ago.

Trump is Resolute to Build the Borders

On December 22, when the US government shutdown which affected a quarter of the US federal government began, Trump promised to stay at the white house, thereby cancelling his trip to Florida for the holidays – though he visited the US troops in Iraq unannounced.

With his fight to build the US-Mexico border walls, the US President has even threatened to close the border if there is no substantial agreement with the Democrats on the deal. Meanwhile, the Democrats are firm in their decision not to support the agreement, claiming it as a waste of money.

A vow to reopen government

Nancy Pelosi, the expected Speaker in the new Congress, has vowed to reopen the government immediately her Democrats take control of the lower chambers from Thursday next week.

It seems that with the holiday celebrations ongoing, the effect of the shutdown has not been felt as most of the workers who have been sent off or without pay are on holidays will be called off, but we are sure the pressure will be higher in the New Year.

Though a more significant part of the US military isn’t affected, same cannot be said about the 42,000 coast Guard members, a branch that is under the Homeland Security, who are working without pay.

This is actually the third shutdown the government has made in a year.

A recent poll has shown that the Americans are in favour of a compromise rather than the President’s firm stand on the deal.

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USA Recommends New Reforms to H-1B Visa Programme

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USA Recommends New Reforms to H-1B Visa ProgrammeThe administration of Trump intends to revise the employment definition and specialty professions below the H-1B visas, a change which could have an unfavorable impact on IT companies of India in the U.S.A. It creates a large gap between employers and employees.

USCIS New Proposals on H1-B Visa

The U.S.C.I.S intends to reach out with its latest proposal by Jan 2019. The current plan will enhance the focus on getting the best and the brilliant foreign nationals through the programme of H-1B. The motto of US to restrict the skilled professionals it affects the IT professionals from countries like India. U.S.C.I.S is also planning to implement a rigorous interview process for the H1-B visa, so if you are planning to move the US through H1-B, you need to focus more.

With the growth of protectionism, IT firms from India running in the US have been recruiting more in America, yet there is a massive demand for H-1B visas to obtain cheaper resources from nations like China and India. If the US government begins to implement new reforms, then it creates a significant loss for Indian IT firms in the USA.

As per experts analysis, there are few companies from India are expected to be good with these current proposals, and also it aspires some IT professionals from India to work in the USA. Finally, these proposals may have a mixed opinion.

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