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US Visa News Updates

Immigration is the Important Foundation of America

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Immigration is the Important Foundation of America One of the biggest challenges in the society today is immigration. It involves the people, the country as well as the people who come to the US for greener pastures.

The topic, immigration, is not a new one, as well as the battle against it; yet, an effective way to tackle it has not been found. The US has been shaped by the immigrants’ cultures which are diverse. A better life, believed to be found in the US, is sought after by people far and near. This is why some even cross the oceans to come here.

Obvious concerns have been made about the country’s economy as well as how secured the future and jobs are; but from the research made, it is seen that no correlation exists between high rates of unemployment and immigration.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) reported that it believes that immigration is an integral part of the growth of the economy of the nation.

According to the report, by 2024, the estimated jobs to be available in the country is 35.3 million approximately. If the considered jobs to be created is 9.8 million, and with the country’s decline in birth rate, there is evidence of insufficient manpower to carry out the jobs. As such, the demographic challenge which the US is facing has immigration as an essential piece.

The Harsh Truth

The issue with the current immigration is not how these immigrants cross the borders or their intentions, but how our system is handling the whole situation.

Significant immigration reform legislation has not been passed by the government since 1986; making it about 33 years since this problem has not been appropriately addressed.

The effect of immigrants and immigration on our country today and our daily living is not fully comprehended.

Immigrants either found or own most of the country’s establishment and businesses. About 28% of the US businesses are owned by entrepreneurs who are immigrants. 48% of the overall growth of business ownership between 2000 and 2013 was accounted for by immigrants. Examples include: a Poland immigrant, Maxwell Kohl founded the Kohl’s Department Store. Also, an immigrant from Russia, Sergey Brin confounded Google.

The time has come for this challenge to be tacked. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped, without the lives of those individuals seeking better lives being in danger.

A plan should be formulated to clear the problem and not worsen it. However, the way this situation is handled will reflect on us as a people and as a country wholly. It is better if it has a positive reflection and not negative.

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New Sets of Migrant Caravan on Their Way to the US

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New Sets of Migrant Caravan on Their Way to the USOn Wednesday, above 1,700 Honduras passed through Guatemala as they head towards the Mexican border in a bid to reach the US, representing another group of Central American migrants seeking asylum in the US.

The United States and Mexico are still struggling to come to terms with the great number of migrants camped outside the US border awaiting asylum. The US has told them emphatically to turn back as they won’t be allowed in, but they are bent on getting asylum in the country. They have nonetheless been frustrated by the number of asylum applications being treated daily and are trying several things to get across the border including breaching attempts which have seen border agents firing shots tear gas at them on two separate occasions.

US’ record-breaking partial government shutdown continues with no end in view as Mr. Trump will not flinch until he gets the funding he wants for building the US-Mexico border wall.  This has sparked a lot of debate and controversy in the US.

New Group of Migrants Emerge

Now, a new group of immigrants is advancing towards the US in great numbers. About 325 children or youths below age 18, as well as around 100 El Salvadorans, are in the group according to Guatemala’s National Immigration Institute.

One would not have expected to see such numbers advance towards the US at a time like this given the stiffer policies of the current administration, but they said they are not dismayed. A member of the group, Miria Zelaya, said Mr. Trump’s hard stance does not faze them. She said they are motivated by greater need.

Another said he has to keep moving because he has been threatened by gangs back home to either join them or be killed. He, Adonay Hernandez, said he is sure he will make it to his relatives in North Carolina despite having just $20 with him.

Many of the group revealed they hope to find a better life in Mexico from where they can then apply for asylum in the US.

In the coming days, Mr. Trump will surely try to use this news to pressure Congress into funding his wall.

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Attorneys General Opposes President’s Latest Attack on Legal Immigration

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Attorneys General Opposes President’s Latest Attack on Legal ImmigrationAn alliance of attorneys general and attorneys general-elect, led by Attorney General Mark R. Herring, are actively moving against U.S. president’s latest exertion to attack immigrants in Virginia as well as other parts of the country.

Mr. Trump’s government has proposed a significant overhaul of rules tagged “public charges” which in effect could result in easier denial of status adjustment to lawful immigrants, rejection of applications of green cards or even the removal of lawful immigrants from the US if they make use of specific nutrition, housing, or health programs. The adjustment could go as far as forcing legal immigrants to have to choose between protecting their lawful immigration status or risk losing it by accessing programs they are already eligible for, like healthcare.

The Opposition

Official comments were filed yesterday, 11 December, by Attorney General Herring and his colleagues. The comments, co-written by Attorney General of New Mexico, Hector Balderas, and AG Herring, explained why the government’s move is both unlawful and represent a bad policy that would bring Virginia and residents significant harm.

Attorney General Herring said the government’s move is a concealed effort by Mr. Trump to cut legal immigration as well as making lawful immigrants feel marginalized. He affirmed that such proposal, unlawful and ill-considered, is only possible when immigration policy is in the hands of anti-immigrant extremists. He, therefore, said they would keep working to shield all Virginians from Mr. Trump’s harmful and discriminatory policies otherwise programs that are designed to help communities will be weaponized against them, pushing lawful immigrants to the extremes of having to choose between their immigration status or their health, as an example.

The public charge rules have been operational for decades, empowering the government to prevent potential immigrants who are considered to become primary dependents on public assistance from entering the country. Mr. Trump’s proposal is tightening things even more around the public charge, which has been considered unlawful and discriminatory.

Any lawful immigrant labeled a public charge may face all sorts of problems including green card rejection, inability to adjust immigration status and in fact risk being removed from the country.

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Months after Reversal of Zero Tolerance Policy, Family Separation Still Thrives

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Family Separation Still Thrives in the USPresident of the United States, Donald Trump, signed an executive order on the 20th of June implying a backtrack from his highly controversial immigration enforcement policy tagged zero-tolerance policy. Zero tolerance policy empowers authorities to expose adults caught crossing the border illegally to criminal prosecution. The policy also allows authorities to separate such parents from their children.

A week after the president retreated from this policy, Dana M. Sabraw, a federal judge, ruled against the separations and called on the government to bring the affected families back together except in cases that pose a danger to the safety of the children.

It has now been revealed that immigrant families are being quietly separated at the border. Sometimes, the separation is based on unproven allegations of misconduct or insignificant violations. Catholic Charities lawyers have discovered at least 16 new separation cases over the past three months. Catholic Charities Lawyers provide legal services to the children of immigrants in government custody in New York. They claimed to have discovered these new cases chance as well as through looking into things after the placement of children in temporary foster care and homes with or without traces that they got to the border with their parents.

A Case At Hand

A Salvadoran father called ProPublica, in the latter part of last month, to report one of such separations. Julio, detained in South Texas, said a Customs and Border Protection agent took his four-year-old son from him after seeking asylum across the border. Reacting to the situation, Jodi Ziesemer, a supervising attorney at Catholic Charities, said she had no idea the boy was separated from his father.

These attorneys said Immigration Officials are taking advantage of any justification in their grasp to disqualify parents, with or without worthy proofs in their claim. They are equally empowered by an administration that does not totally shy away from family separation.

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98 Migrants Deported by Mexico for Storming US Border

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98 Migrants Deported by Mexico for Storming US BorderOn Sunday, a group of migrants attempted to breach the US border by finding ways through several points along the border but were resisted by US agents who fired several shots of tear gas. The agents claimed some of the migrants threw rocks and projectiles.

The president of the United States thereafter warned Mexico to find a way to move the migrants, many of whom he called stone cold criminals, back to their countries otherwise they will close the border permanently if left with no option.

42 people among this group were arrested for disturbing public peace among many other charges according to US officials on Monday.

Afterwards, Mexico Interior Ministry said the group has been rounded up for their violent and illegal attempt to cross the border. Dozens of people were seen running aggressively towards the fence mounted at the border according to a video footage. A Mexico migration office official, Gerardo Garcia Benavente, said 98 people from the migrants have been sent back to their countries because of the violent incident.

Requested for a Peaceful Protest

Reacting to the border-breaching attempt, Alfonso Navarrete, Mexican Interior Minister, said the migrants requested help to stage a peaceful demonstration only to be allegedly advised by movement’s leaders to attempt breaching the border. The demonstration truly started on a peaceful note bust as soon as they make it pass the Mexican security blockade, it became a dash for the border.

The migrants’ latest move will not help their objectives in any way as they had trespassed the legal migration framework which could have resulted in ugly scenes according to Mexico’s interior ministry. The ministry revealed that 11,000 Central Americans had been deported since this influx of migrants entered the country on October 19.

Darker Camp

After this incident, the camp of the migrants will most likely be darkened. The fear of how long they might have to wait to get asylum is putting migrants in desperate moods. One of them, Joseph Garcia, said she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Migrants are in a fix’ – the US insist no place for them in America and they are causing Mexico troubles.

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US Border Tightened Against Migrant Caravan

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US Border Tightened Against Migrant CaravanSecurity measures are being reinforced in the US as hundreds of Central American migrants looking to get asylum in the country reaches Tijuana, the Mexican border city. US military are erecting barricades and laying razor wire.

From among the thousands of migrating caravans making their way to enter the US through Mexico, around 400 migrants broke away. These 400 migrants have become the first batch of the caravan migrants to reach the Mexican border city of Tijuana. They arrived by bus on Tuesday.

The migrants said that they remain unafraid in their attempt to get asylum in the US despite President Trump administration’s aggressive move against them.

A migrant, Kenny Moran, said that it has been a tough month moving from Honduras. He said he left Honduras, with wife and daughter to escape from gang violence and poverty. He also said that the gangs practically make it impossible for you and your family to live. He made it clear that he does not know anyone in the US but knows there is work in Houston.

Human rights organizations revealed that larger groups would arrive in the coming days. An order signed by Trump last Friday has effectively brought suspension to granting of asylum to illegal immigrants. This will inevitably and significantly slow claims at the gate of entry. Nevertheless, immigrants are not deterred.

One of them said he prefers to be in detention in the United States than returning to a country where he knows he might be killed for his difference. Another said he’s willing to remain in Tijuana until the current hype goes down.

Reaction from the US

Jim Mattis, US Defense Secretary, said that he would visit the border today. Lanes at the Otay Mesa and San Ysidro crossings from Tijuana will be closed in order to give the Department of Defense enough room to mount barricades and put barbed wire in place according to US Customs and Border Protection.

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Rules Unveiled for Asylum Seekers in the US

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Rules Unveiled for Asylum Seekers in the USOn Thursday, President Donald Trump unveiled yet another aggressive move regarding immigration policy. This is coming just two days after the country’s midterm election in which the Republicans lost its majority power to the Democrats despite the much effort by Mr Trump to get votes via the immigration stance. Asylum seekers who break border laws will be approached differently as new rules were unveiled by the government. Henceforth, any illegal immigrants that cross the country’s border will have their eligibility to seek asylum in the US taken from them according to the Justice Department and Homeland Security. Senior admin officials affirmed that the rule would not affect people who had previously gained access to the US through such means.

The new rules will not be operational until applied in a presidential proclamation by the president. Officials say it can be done today Friday, 9th November 2018. This is one of the first moves of the newly appointed Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker. In a joint statement with Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security Secretary, Mr Whitaker said the tremendous burden is placed on the country’s resources as a result of an overwhelming number of meritless asylum claims received by the asylum system. These aliens hinder the US from adequately granting asylum to people who merit it, he said. Mr. Whitaker made it clear that what they are doing is according to the authority granted by Congress to take immediate actions on such people (aliens) who do not regard the government’s stance regarding seeking asylum in the US.

Administration to be Sued

As far as the latest immigration restriction is concerned, the government will maintain its stand despite expecting court cases. According to senior officials, the government and its relevant agencies expect the US Supreme Court to succeed in upholding the plan given they have 5-4 Conservative majority.

The latest addition to the high court, Brett Kavanaugh, will work with the four other conservative justices as reported by NBC news.

It is yet another time the Trump government will sidestep Congress in order to unilaterally shift immigration policy in the nation.

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US Visa Strongly Supports Science and Tech MBAs

in USA Immigration by

US Visa Strongly Supports Science and Tech MBAsA regular MBA from an American business school could not have been the best qualification to allow Harleen Kaur Bhomrah to fulfill her dream of building a career in the US.

Despite, the recruitment head turned his mind when Ms. Bhomrah, who is Indian, told that the MBA she had finished with the STEM, designation, providing her a further 02 years on her post-study work visa.


Benefits of Having MBA with STEM Designation for US Work Visa

In the USA, STEM has an extra benefit regarding the doors it unlocks for work visas. It is essential for American business schools, which are battling to invert a drop in international applicants, due in part to the opinion that the US has become less welcoming to immigrants.

Non-US students finishing from these programs can then appeal for a 24-month voluntary practical training, or OPT, an extension to the one-year work visa that is default available following graduation.

Wisconsin converted the first US business school to allow an MBA with Stem designation in 2016, and it has had a good effect on demand. Appeals to the school’s different MBA programmes dropped 13 percent last year, but these to the degree course which is STEM-designated dropped only 7 percent.

The University of Rochester’s Simon Business School in New York has run more than either Wisconsin or Fuqua and this year obtained permission for all of its full-time programmes of MBA to be STEM designated.

Chioma Isiadinso, chief executive and co-founder of the admissions agency Expartus, observes that several prospective MBA students are moving to the US from abroad to express a benefit in courses that incorporate an element of technology education on the curriculum, especially data analytics.

The STEM is a factor, Ms. Isiadinso states. But our customers are still more concentrated on targeting schools that are top-ranked and have outstanding career statistics for the areas they wish to proceed.

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