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US immigration

US New Immigration Moves Scaring Immigrant Families off Food Stamps

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US New Immigration Moves Scaring Immigrant Families off Food StampsAfter two years of President Trump’s aggressive moves as regards immigration, it has been observed that fewer immigrant families now use federal food stamps. It must be noted that in this same period, no formal changes were made to the food stamps program as well as its eligibility rules. Experts in the country think the decline in federal food stamps’ usage is as a result of the government’s anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Researchers who have been studying US food stamps for decades as well as experts who have been monitoring Trump’s immigration policies said the implication of the decline in the patronage of the program is that eligible families who still very much need such benefits are leaving the program of their own accord because they are afraid of eventualities should they apply through the official channels. In simpler terms, immigrant families are afraid to apply for federal assistance programs.

A study by researchers from Boston Medical Center’s Children’s HealthWatch revealed that eligible immigrant families, who have been in the US for less than 5 years and have participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, are down by 10% in the first half of this year. The same was observed for immigrant families who have been in the US beyond five years whose participation in the program has declined by 2%. Speaking on this, Bovell-Ammon said people are really scared for their lives according to what has been gathered.

How Much Inference Can Be Made

These findings are still preliminary and might be too much to ascertain a cause and effect situation between these variables. Nevertheless, they happen to be a proof of what advocates and physicians working immigrant families encounter in the field.

David Thomsen, who works with UnidosUS on health policy, said he believes the findings are confirmation of their networks and affiliates have been telling them about the sudden fear that has been discovered in immigrant families including their children concerning getting public benefits.

Things are expected to get even worse when the present administration pushes through new regulations that would restrict migrant families in accessing public funds.

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Immigration is an Economic Necessity, Not a Threat to US

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Immigration is an Economic Necessity, Not a Threat to USThe United States of America is a nation with distinguished achievements in all human endeavours. The country has received tremendous contributions from different peoples from different backgrounds – simply put, the US thrives on diversity. Immigration has been a core of the country’s operations. Going forward, every nation or organization must never forget where it’s coming from – its past or history. Hence, at this point, all Americans must realize that immigration is an economic necessity, not a threat to their beloved country.

Recent developments in the country contradict the nation’s pro-immigration policies. Thousands of American troops were deployed to the country’s borders to stop the entry of thousands of Central Americans who are in dire need of better conditions. The government declared these immigrants as dangerous and harmful to the country. Our American fathers once sorted greener pastures too. To drive their point home, a latest ad (featuring a Mexican immigrant) released for the midterm campaigns by the Republicans, immigrants were portrayed as criminals and dangerous people who have no good to offer America.

Another drastic move by the government is an attempt to use executive order to put a stop to birthright citizenship. What more can one say than to say these developments are not American-like.

What Should Be the Position of Americans?

In the light of the latest anti-immigrant moves and policies, the position of each American must be informed of what a government makes them believe.

Truly, immigration may have its shortcomings, but we must not forget everything must get better. While addressing this, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, Vanda Felbab-Brown, said what America needs is not a massive deportation but creation of legal visa systems that give immigrants access to jobs Americans do not want. This is a profound statement that all Americans must consider irrespective of their current position about immigration.

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Latest US Immigration Move Tagged Political Opportunism

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Latest US Immigration Move Tagged Political Opportunism

800 US troops are moving to the Texas border as well as 5, 200 troops expected to be deployed to the south-west region by the end of the week according to the head of US northern command, General Terrence O’Shaughnessy. The government’s is responsible for the thousands of Central American migrants who are presently in southern Mexico and are heading north. They are said to include families, children and elderly people.

US President Trump, en-route winning the presidential election in 2016, fueled fear and anger concerning illegal immigration. His latest move is coming just days before the midterm elections. He is leveraging on the caravan situation in his campaign for next week’s midterm polls with the expectation of firing up his core support. In a tweet on Monday, he ordered the migrant caravan to go back as they won’t be received into the US except through legal process. He also stated that the Military is waiting for them at the border as their movement is seen as an invasion of the country.

Critics Response

This latest move has been condemned as political opportunism by the American Civil Liberties Union, a human rights organization.

Policy counsel, Shaw Drake said the military is being forced into furthering the president’s anti-immigrant agenda of division and fear. He continued to say it is another aggressive move by Trump to trump immigrant families including children seeking the country’s protection. He concluded by saying military personnel are not permitted by the law to be involved in immigration enforcement, and nothing justifies this move.

Mexico is equally tightening the security on the country’s southern border. Migrants usually use rafts to make their way across the Suchiate River on the southern border. It is not known if the US has a hand in Mexico’s move, but their move is obviously in favour of the anti-immigrant agenda by the Trump government.

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The US Government Says ‘NO’ to the Migrant Caravan

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The US Government Says 'NO' to the Migrant CaravanA large number of migrant Caravans moving across Mexico are relying on the strength of numbers to gain access to and seek Asylum in the US. At the Guatemalan border town of Tecun Uman, more than a hundred Central American migrants are said to have forced their way past a customs gate in order to gain entry into Mexico. In the same vein, thousands of Central American migrants are also reportedly making its way through southern Mexico in order to get to the US border.

In response, the president of the United States, Trump is making plans to shut the US borders to Central Americans as well as not granting them the opportunity to seek asylum in the US. 10000 additional US troops are to be deployed to the southern border to help in security operations for the imminent arrival of the migrating caravan.

Once on American soil, overseas candidates are eligible to apply for asylum, but the government currently putting such provision on hold as a result of the threat it poses to national security according to officials. Taking advantage of the authority offered him by the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 212(f), it’s legal for the president to declare some migrants ineligible for asylum.

What do officials say?

Nothing is finalized yet according to the White House officials. The above is only one of various methods under consideration, and the United States will not forecast to caravans or smugglers the exact strategy to be used; hence no final decision has been made according to a white house official who spoke under anonymity.

According to the latest estimates from Mexico, caravan migrants still have more than 900 miles to get to US border and have dwindled to 3000 people. Those moving through southern Mexico are said to be largely poor families traveling with children and surviving on handouts. It is to be noted that despite the threat claim made by Trump’s administration, no evidence has been provided to show that dangerous criminals are part of these migrants so far.

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Students can get employment in US without Visa

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Students Can Get Employment In Us Without VisaNow there is a sigh of relief for the global students who want to work outside the campus in the US, along with the internship which is related to their studies. These students can also look for some part time jobs in the campus premises to earn some financial aid while they are pursuing their studies.

It can be easily understood through the example of Chinese student, Yi Xu. She was able to get hold of two jobs in the campus as a language tutor in her native language, Chinese. She got this opportunity while studying in St. Mary’s College in Maryland. This college runs several linguistic programs in Spanish, French, and Chinese etc.

Because of the absence of the Chinese tutor she was instantly hired when she approached the Head of the Language Program for Chinese. Lots of students had graduated out from the college which paved the way for easy hiring of Yi Xu.

Yi Xu was made to attend calls and divert the calls to front desk which required great communication skills in English. She was confident about her communication skills but things did not turn out as planned. She faced the accent problem and was not able to understand and answer promptly to the queries.

Later on, she was transferred to the packaging room where she had to arrange the packages. She just needed to send the mailers to the students to collect their packages. This work required less interaction of her with the people.

After one Semester, she was more confident and comfortable in interacting with people and answer calls. She is still continuing her job in her Degree School which is School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. Yi Xu started this job as a mean of earning money but it also helped her in increasing her social circle and made her some good friends too.

Spike in L1-A and L1-B visa to the US

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Spike in LI-A and L1-B visa to the USA recent study by CNNmoney has shown that the no. of officials from China coming to the United States on L-1B and L-1A visas has vastly increased since 1996. More than 10,000 L-1 intracompany transfer visas issued to Chinese nationals in 2015 alone, which is four times more than the numbers granted in 2005.

This trend is further propelled by the fact of limited visa alternative for Chinese nationals. Visa for niche trade is applied and filled out in a very short span of time at the onset of April every year.   Chinese citizens also do not fall under the category of E-2 Visa.

The L-1 visa provides opportunities for the corporates with their establishments in the United States, and some of the leading foreign countries , to transfer their staff to US.

Chinese corporations, eyeing the above factors have been investing hugely in the United States. In the last year, Chinese companies have spent 17 bn USD alone across the length and breadth of USA. In the current year, this amount has further risen to 29.4 bn USD.

EB-5 investor visas provided to Chinese citizens has witnessed sharp increase from less than 100 to nearly eight thousand visas in 2015. It is also expected that this count will also raise in the years to come.

EB-5 migrant investor visa plan, which provides residency to a person who invests minimum of 5 lakhs of USD in the United States, has been stopped for Chinese citizens in past years owing to very high demand. This visa plan has been surrounded by controversies with a no. of scandals over unaccounted investments, this has paved the way for better responsibility among the lawmakers in the United States. There is no certainty over the prospects of EB-5 visa as it is presently all set for renewal.

Of late, the government of USA has also proclaimed that it will soon stop accepting requests from citizens of China for different types of visa, as annual levels are attained.

How immigration has reformed the face of Nebraska

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How immigration has reformed the face of Nebraska

For the most part among Donald Trump supporters, migration is a tremendous deal. The issue has been pushed to the front line in general meeting amid this election season, and everybody has a sentiment connected with it. Whether undocumented settlers should be permitted to stay, or whether they ought to be sent back to where they came from remains the hot topic before the election season.

However, recent studies have revealed that the economic growth in Nebraska is synonymous with the influx of immigrants. Immigrants account for nearly 7% of Nebraska’s population and almost 1/3rd of them are eligible to vote. There are at present 13.1 million lawful permanent residents in the United States, and 8.8 million are as of now qualified for citizenship. Nearly half of them who are qualified for citizenship hails from Latin America, where the majority is attributed to Mexico. 1.5 million of people qualified to naturalize hails from Asia. Experts have suggested that naturalized natives have higher salaries and helps grow the economy by paying more taxes. A late report found that if all LPRs that are qualified to naturalize in 21 urban areas would become residents, the total profit for the government would rise by 8.8 percent and the net income would rise to $3 billion.

Foreign students have also helped the economy thrive as 5,292 students have made whopping payment of 125 million dollars to Nebraska in the form of tuition fees, living expenses etc. for the academic year 2013-2014. The purchasing power of migrants is also greater than before. The purchasing power of Latinos noted up-to 4bn USD, a massive increase of 1050% ever since 1990, whereas the purchasing power of Asians stands up at 1.4 bn USD, which witnessed 937% hike since 1990.

Research undertaken by Nebraska-Omaha University has stated that the immigrants have created almost 12,000 new job opportunities in Nebraska in 2006. The Nebraska legislature has achieved some significant steps this year, passing legislation assuring some migrants who were bestowed legal status by the Obama administration the capability to acquire professional licenses.

US H1B Visa 2016 News Updates and FAQs

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hqdefault (1)

The USCIS received a large number of H1B petitions over the last few weeks, well above the upper cap. According to the US H-1B visa news, random selections along with the lottery was conducted by the USCIS to select over 85000 H-1B petitions in order to complete the work permit cap. So if you are planning to apply for H-1B visa for the next year, you must be wondering about the US H-1B visa quotas for next year. Well, here’s what you need to know about US H-1B visa, the process involved and the criterion for selection.

When will the fiscal year of 2016 for the US H-1B session begin?

According to the US H-1B news and updates, the USCIS started accepting the petitions from April 1st, 2015 itself. On March 12th USCIS also did a press release providing everyone with the details.

Lottery system

There was a lottery for FY 2014 and 2015. Where around 125,000 petitions were filed in FY 2014 and 172,500 petitions were recorded in the year of 2015. As per the news H-1B quota expectedly did not increase for FY 2016, whereas the demand for the same is pretty high.

How to Plan for US H-1B Visa?

Well, it completely depends on what your situation is.

  •    In case you are the student and you are currently on the F1 visa in USA, then all you need to do is register for certain internship programs or apply for OPT employment at a company that can really help you by sponsoring your H-1B visa for the required fiscal year.
  •    If you are a resident of some other country and are planning to apply for the H-1B visa for next year, then it is better for you to start your application process around the end of this year itself. This will provide you with enough time to search for your sponsors, jobs or whatever is required.
  •    If you are already on the H4 or L1 visa in the USA and now you are planning for the H-1B US visa for the coming fiscal year, then here you should consider planning the process around the end of this very year.

What are the new changes introduced in H1B Visa?

There are certain proposed changes to the H-1B visa programs that cater to demand and US economy and these changes are tagged as the Comprehensive Immigration reform.

Below mentioned are certain proposed changes:

  • The H-1B work permit cap is expected to be increased from 65,000 to about 110,000 per year. Along with the certain provisions may have it up to 180,000 where there is an extreme demand.
  • In the case of Advance degree from the USA work permit cap quota is expected to increase from 20,000 to about 25,000.
  • The fee for applying for the H-1b visa might go up to about 10,000 USD.
  • New rules have also been added to avoid any fraudulent moves by the employers while applying for H-1B US Visa.
  • From now on it is compulsory to have LCA posting 30 days before it is been certified.
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