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US Immigration Rules

India Demands Release of Indian Students Arrested in the US

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India Demands Release of Indian Students Arrested in the USThe United States has been urged by India to release 129 students detained during a crackdown on people said to be involved in the violation of the country’s immigration rules. These students enrolled in a University in Farmington Hills, MI but the university was later revealed to be part of undercover operations by Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Last week, the news of the arrests of several hundreds of students by the DHS broke out, and it has since generated a lot of waves. After affected students contacted them, American Telugu Association (ATA) offered its help and counsel to the students as well as offering to work with the Indian ambassador to ensure proper course of action.

They Were Duped

In a rallying call to the US, India said the affected students were perhaps duped into enrolling in the fake university hence should be treated differently from the recruiters who are the perpetrators. India ministry of external affairs expressed the country’s concern over the dignity and well-being of the affected students and emphasized the need for immediate action.

The ministry, therefore, urged the US to share full details of the situation with the government of India as well as provide continuous updates. They also demand the release of the students from detention as soon as possible and should not be deported forcefully.

India ministry of external affairs reemphasized the country’s commitment towards the welfare of the students detained, and so, it’s working diligently with all stakeholders including US authorities to resolve the issue. The ministry said about 30 of the students had been contacted by officials and is doing all it can to reach others latest in 24 hours.

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Federal Judge Blocked US New Asylum Rules

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Federal Judge Blocked US New Asylum RulesPresident Donald Trump’s new immigration rules received a major blow late on Monday when Jon Tigar, a federal judge in San Francisco, kicked against the administration’s rules that limit the asylum-seeking abilities of migrants. He ruled that the policy of stopping migrants who enter the country illegally from getting asylum is in absolute contrast to U.S. law that gave them the right to do so.

On November 9, US President Trump overruling the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that states all foreigners arriving USA, regardless it is a designated port or not, have the right to apply for asylum. He signed a presidential proclamation which puts an end to migrants’ ability to request asylum when they enter the United States illegally. In his justification, he relied on a law that gives him the right to suspend foreigners’ entry if he could sign a proclamation that declares foreigners are detrimental to the welfare of the US. This was the same right he exercised to implement the highly controversial travel ban aimed at majority-Muslim countries.

The Federal Judge’s Position

Jon Tigar said rules barring immigrants who enter the US outside of a designated port from getting asylum is in contrast with the INA as well as Congress’ expressed intent. The judge who was appointed by Barack Obama affirmed that whatever the President’s scope of authority is, he may not come up with new immigration laws to force a condition expressly forbidden by Congress.

A temporary residing order preventing the administration from enforcing new rules was issued by Tigar. The restrain holds till December 19, when the court case continues. This ruling may be appealed by the Department of Justice, but it nevertheless could have an immediate impact on the migrant caravans who are currently at Tijuana.

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