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US immigration news

US to Create Easy Way for Immigrants with Required Skill Sets

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US to Create Easy Way for Immigrants with Required Skill Sets President Donald Trump of the United States is hoping to open a ‘big door’ that migrants with required skill sets can walk through as the administration look to overhaul existing laws, a White House official revealed on Tuesday.

According to the proposal being developed by the president, there will not be any need of sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, the official said. He said he expects the number of illegal immigrants entering the US to fall significantly if the proposal is implemented because the border will be more secure and people will be duly removed following proper trial.

The big door will make it simpler and faster for people coming to the US legally, he added.

Overhaul may involve harsh measures

In a tweet on Tuesday, President Trump states that Democrats may leave with no option than to use harsh measures if they continue to stand in the way of the proposed overhaul.

The president did not give further details as to what the measures would be or what the proposals are but threatened Democrats in Congress to vote in favor of a more secure southern border.

Trump’s commitment to secure the border, protect American wages, recruit only the required skill sets and make America safe for all was restated by an official. The meeting held with the GOP senators on Tuesday was just a first step in getting necessary coalition, and more details will be released when the president deems fit.

The meeting with the senators, which was a sounding board according to Sarah Sanders, was a very positive one as the people who the president considers vital gave positive reactions to the proposal.

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Statistics Show US Needs More Immigration not Less

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Economists say America Requires More ImmigrantsAccording to economists on either side of the United States’ political spectrum, the country needs more immigrants, representing an absolutely different position compared to the US president’ hard stance of fending off illegal immigrants.

To maintain our workforce and economic health, we need to significantly increase the pace of immigration in the US according to Shikha Dalmia – an analyst with Reason Foundation.

Explaining further, business analysts and economists pointed out the reduced birthrate in the country since the previous administration, at the least. They are hence advocating for more people, innovation, and capital being brought into the country.

Mass immigration in the US is a Myth

Shikha Dalmia backed up by the fact, revealed that with careful consideration, the belief that America is experiencing mass immigration is nothing but a myth. He said the opposite is actually the reality in the country – the US is a low immigration country.

If the country does not open its doors wide to immigration, a huge bottleneck for growth will soon be evident as suggested by demographic trends in the country which is pointing towards a severe labor shortfall, Dalmia said.

Without a strategic immigration move, the all-time low birthrate in the country is a pointer to tough times ahead. Despite this, Mr. Trump is not only hindering illegal immigration, but he is also putting tough measures in place for legal immigration.

In conclusion, based on the data available, Dalmia said the United States should be receiving at least double of what it is currently receiving as immigrants per year until 2050. He said this still will not amount to mass immigration for the country given that foreign-born population in the country at 2050 will be at about 26% at the rate suggested which is still below what is obtainable in Australia as of today.

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Thousands of Immigration Cases Indefinitely Delayed Due To Shut down

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Thousands of Immigration Cases Indefinitely Delayed Due To Shut downThe federal government has delayed thousands of immigration cases due to the ongoing partial shutdown by the Trump administration.

It is reported by the ABC News that most courts handling immigration cases have closed down due to the shutdown, thereby causing delay. As a result, a lot of asylum application and immigration claims cases are still untouched as the shutdown is moving to its third week.

The Immigration judged have reported that these delays have made the cases worse and also made the President’s goal, in terms of the border security, not achievable.

The People Laments

The Vice President of the National Association of Immigration Judges, Amiens Khan complained about how frustrating the situation was. He spoke on the irony of the whole situation, stating that the government was shut down to ensure border security and yet, it was affecting the Immigration system.

In December, there was a report that the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), without prior notice, had informed a lot of immigration attorneys of the postponement of their cases.

There are complaints from attorneys that EOIR didn’t notify them and this had rendered a lot of the attorneys and their clients (migrants) clueless about what the future holds for their cases.

An attorney with the African Hispanic Immigration Organization (AHIO), Kidhen Banet, had tweeted, at that time, how he was clueless about the cases until he had tweeted other attorneys and also called the court.

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ICE Releases Hundreds of More Migrants on Christmas Day

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ICE Releases Hundreds of More Migrants on Christmas DayOn Christmas day, a hundred more migrants were released in El Paso, Texas by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) according to officials.

While El Paso, Texas has been trying all it can to accommodate about 200 migrants released at a bus station in the community on Sunday by ICE, another group migrants were released in the community yesterday, Christmas day.

Speaking to newsmen, the director of Hope Border Institute, Dylan Corbett, said the minimum of 180 migrants were dropped off in downtown El Paso in the latest release. He said about half the latest release are children with some parents having more than a child with them.

He also revealed that all migrants dropped off are now at different Annunciation House shelters, and they are not expecting any drop-offs on Wednesday, 26 December, according to information from ICE.

The Drop Offs

Outside a Greyhound bus terminal in El Paso on Sunday night, more than 200 undocumented immigrants were dropped off by ICE without any housing plan according to the police. US Rep.-elect, Veronica Escobar, said dozens more were dropped on Monday before the latest drop-offs of hundreds of migrants on Christmas day.

Escobar said thankfully, just about 60 were dropped off on Monday compared to Sunday’s 200 which made it more manageable.

US Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Escobar’s predecessor, revealed on Facebook that more than 200 and 500 would be released on Christmas day and Wednesday respectively.

According to reports, local musicians serenaded the migrants and were given food and water as they waited for buses to shelters.  The community fears that about 500 migrants could be dropped off on Wednesday as well as Thursday, but no one could say for sure until the drop-off.

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98 Migrants Deported by Mexico for Storming US Border

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98 Migrants Deported by Mexico for Storming US BorderOn Sunday, a group of migrants attempted to breach the US border by finding ways through several points along the border but were resisted by US agents who fired several shots of tear gas. The agents claimed some of the migrants threw rocks and projectiles.

The president of the United States thereafter warned Mexico to find a way to move the migrants, many of whom he called stone cold criminals, back to their countries otherwise they will close the border permanently if left with no option.

42 people among this group were arrested for disturbing public peace among many other charges according to US officials on Monday.

Afterwards, Mexico Interior Ministry said the group has been rounded up for their violent and illegal attempt to cross the border. Dozens of people were seen running aggressively towards the fence mounted at the border according to a video footage. A Mexico migration office official, Gerardo Garcia Benavente, said 98 people from the migrants have been sent back to their countries because of the violent incident.

Requested for a Peaceful Protest

Reacting to the border-breaching attempt, Alfonso Navarrete, Mexican Interior Minister, said the migrants requested help to stage a peaceful demonstration only to be allegedly advised by movement’s leaders to attempt breaching the border. The demonstration truly started on a peaceful note bust as soon as they make it pass the Mexican security blockade, it became a dash for the border.

The migrants’ latest move will not help their objectives in any way as they had trespassed the legal migration framework which could have resulted in ugly scenes according to Mexico’s interior ministry. The ministry revealed that 11,000 Central Americans had been deported since this influx of migrants entered the country on October 19.

Darker Camp

After this incident, the camp of the migrants will most likely be darkened. The fear of how long they might have to wait to get asylum is putting migrants in desperate moods. One of them, Joseph Garcia, said she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Migrants are in a fix’ – the US insist no place for them in America and they are causing Mexico troubles.

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US Administration Progresses Slowly To Stem Illegal Immigration

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Rita Chiqui

According to US immigration news, the administration has responded to illegal immigration from Central America, months after it was announced. The immigrants from Central America are fleeing violence and crossing the southern US border illegally.

A program was introduced, in Jan 2016, by the Secretary of State, which allowed only 9,000 Central Americans to submit an application for the refugee status in the US and begin their journey.

People from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador were welcome to the country under the current program and the rest could travel to some other nations located in the region. As suggested by the US immigration news, this program is not yet up and running and no immigrant has so far arrived to the United States. as a person seeking refugee via the program.

Illegal immigration is on the rise after slowing following the 2014 crisis

The program was initiated with the hope of stemming the flow of illegal immigrants to the US and offer asylum to those fleeing from Central America. This program is designed to slow down immigration which is on an uptick after the crisis in 2014, according to the US immigration news.

The State Department plans to develop and expand the current admission program for the refugees and help the vulnerable people of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala and provide a safe haven as well as a legal entry to the US rather than opt for the high risk journey they undertake.

The current service is more inclusive than the previous program

Children, who do not meet the standards required for refugee status, and whose parents are already in the US, will be given consideration and reviewed for parole. The program allows them to unite with their parents in the US, according to the US immigration news.

Under the Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program (CAM), more than 300 individuals have arrived in the U.S. The expanded program screens the applications, from the organizations that regularly work with the vulnerable children and adults from these countries, on the basis of eligibility for the refugee status under U.S. law.

But as per the US immigration news and some experts, the newly overhauled refugee program is not functional due to the fact that no third country is willing to process the applications. One of the nations located in Central America, Belize, has requested aid for any assistance rendered by them.

Negotiations with non-government entities are still in progress regarding certain specific features of this program even though the current refugee admissions system has been processed in-country for the last three decades and more.

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