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US Green Card

USA: H1B Visa Holders want Government to Clear Green Card Backlog

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USA: H1B Visa Holders want Government to Clear Green Card BacklogOn Sunday, a rally was held outside the white house by a group that consists mainly of Indian H1B visa holders who are clamoring for immigration law reforms in favour of migrants in the US legally.

The Sunday afternoon rally was organized by Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), an organization that is said to be a voice for the Hindu American community.

The Demands

The protesting group wants the US government to clear the green card backlog within a period of 1-5 years against what is obtainable at the moment which could run to decades for Indians seeking green cards that are employment based.

Besides, the group wants the country to give legal childhood arrivals (LCAs) benefits that are due individuals brought illegally to the US as minors.

In the previous administration, about 700,000 LCAs were protected via a program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). There is currently a court case regarding the DACA program as President Trump seeks to end the program.

Holders of H1B visa, whose spouses and children are given H4-dependent visas, are demanding that green cards be given to H4 children immediately to make it possible for them to remain in the US after turning 21 without the need of switching to another visa category.

One of the leaders of the rally, Jyotsna Sharma, said the future of such children should not be held at ransom because they have done nothing wrong.

Several placards were held aloft during the rally – some say DALCA, kids deserve better, and some others tell Stop Abusing Legal Immigrants.

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Delays in Green Cards and Citizenship Condemned by US Immigration Lawyers

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Delays in Green Cards and Citizenship Condemned by US Immigration LawyersOn Wednesday 30 January, the delay in the handling of citizenship and green cards’ applications along with other benefits of immigration by the government of the United States was condemned by immigration lawyers.

Over a four year period, waiting times for applications for citizenship and green cards increased by almost a hundred percent despite only a slight increase in the numbers of applications received according to the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Families and Businesses Affected Alike

American Immigration Lawyers Association consists of over 15,000 law professors as well as immigration. As stated in a report, the group said the delays surrounding these applications are hurting families and businesses in the US that rely on timely adjudication.

The association accused U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of acting like an arm of the Department of Homeland and Security hence drifting from its purpose of serving immigrant applicants.

There is the need for greater transparency and more oversight by the Congress, the association said.

Responding to the situation, a spokesman for USCIS revealed that in a systematic attempt to speed up the processes, the agency recently opened three new field offices as well as expanded another ten. The workforce handling the processes has increased by 38 percent in just five years, he said.

While several factors peculiar to different cases affect processing time, the delays are usually caused by higher application rates in contrast to the low processing rates claim, the spokesman said.

The lawyers pointed out that applications only increased by four percent between 2014 and 2018 according to a 2018 report by DHS. In 2016, nationwide naturalization wait time was 5.6 months which increased to 10.2 months in 2018, revealed the agency.

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Majority of Indians are Waiting for US Green Card

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75% Waiting for US Green Card are Indians

Indians make up 75 percent of all those highly skilled immigrants waiting in line for US green card or permanent residency. According to latest figures from US Citizenship and Immigration Services, 395,025 skilled immigrants are waiting in line for US green cards in the employment-based preference category. 306,601 of them are Indians, and the count doesn’t include those who have approved immigrant petitions. Chinese nationals took the second place as 67,031 of them are waiting for their green cards. All other countries that come after China have less than 10,000 people waiting in the green card queue.

Around 7,252 skilled immigrants from El Salvador, 6,027 people from Guatemala, 5,402 from Honduras, 1,491 skilled immigrants from the Philippines, 700 from Mexico, and 521 skilled immigrants from Vietnam are waiting for their US green cards. According to US government laws, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services can issue not more than seven percent of US green cards to citizens of the same country. And because of this stringent rule, Indians have the longest waiting time of 10 to 15 years.

Since the waiting period is so long, most children of these candidates grow out after their dependency age and have to apply for green card separately. It means they have to wait for another 15 years to become a permanent resident. According to latest figures, as much as 200,000 Indian children will across the age of 21 years this year and have to apply for the US green card.

Current waiting period

For some Indian candidates, the waiting period is as long as 70 years. According to GCReforms.org, skilled immigrants from India will have to wait for anywhere between 25-92 years for getting American permanent residency. Once the candidate receives the green card, his entire family is eligible for working in the United States.

Immigration statistics in the United States

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immigration pics

The US has seen a group of migrants advancing toward the US to begin on new lives, visit family, find new occupations or have effectively settled there for quite a long time. Individuals everywhere throughout the world consider it to be the place where there is a new chance at life, needing to change their lifestyle by being far from the places where they grew up and fabricating new homes abroad. The migration insights in the US showcase how distinctive races have settled in areas yet advancing into the nation.

The US has seen an enormous ascent in outsiders traverse to the nation, turning numbers by the millions consistently. The pinnacle years of workers entering the nation somewhere around 1991 and 2000, were around ten to eleven million. Starting 2010 (no late migration insights made open yet), a fourth of the US’s occupants less than 18 years old are either foreigners or their kids. The quantity of foreigners entering the nation is around 10 percent high, contrasted with the previous century of when it was 20 percent higher. In 2014, a sum of 1,016,518 people was granted lawful permanent residency. About 47 percent were new entries, and 53 percent became permanent residents as an adjustment of status.

Migrants settle generally in states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, New York and Illinois. It is likewise anticipated that by 2050, one-fourth of the US populace will contain the Hispanic race since Latin Americans are the most astounding movement appliers.

The migration insights in the US are always fluctuating, with it being said that the numbers are presently declining. Like I generally say, do your exploration well and look at a trusted area about what is required of you, when applying for a visa/green card.

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