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UK Visa News Updates

Post-Brexit Educational Offer will bring More Global students to the UK

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Post-Brexit Educational Offer will bring More Global students to the UKAs a part of the measure the UK government wants to use to boost the numbers of international students after Brexit, it has decided to give about a year visa extension to foreign students to search for jobs in the UK after their academic programme has ended.

This action shows a break with the current policy which permits the students to remain in the UK for four months only after graduation.

The Department of Education (DfE), when announcing the strategy said that the number of foreign students expected to study in the country is not limited and in order for the country to continue being educationally attractive an extension for post-study leave has been slated for a year for the PhDs and six months for the undergraduates and Master’s.

This announcement also hinted another possible policy change as it said that the government would consider the ways for the improvement of visa processes for applicants and support of students employment.

Potential Increase in the Number of International Students

Alongside the extended visas, the Department for International Trade in partnership with the DfE intends to reveal a global education strategy which will bring a 30% increase in the number of international students in higher institutions during the next 10 years. As such, the number of non-UK students will increase from 460,000 to 600,000, with EU citizens being 140,000.

The above target is very ambitious given that there will be an increase in fees and loss of access for students loans for EU students after Brexit.

Damian Hindi, the Education Secretary, said that the country is in preparation to leave the EU; hence, reaching out to the country’s global partners and maximizing the potential of its best assets is important. This includes our education offers and the foreign students it attracts.

The Vice-chancellor of Liverpool University and Chair of Universities UK, Janet Beer said that the impact of foreign students in the country is not only felt economically but also enriches the educational environment as well. As such, the extension of the visa period to enable them to work for a while in the country is very welcomed.

She added that it would be lovely that the government approves a 2-year extension.

This extension of visa was recommended by the Independent Migration Advisory Committee and the government’s own white paper on skilled-based immigration last year.

Presently, an extra four months is awarded a graduate for a stay in the UK after studies, while the PhDs have to apply for an extra year.

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Theresa May’s No-Deal Brexit Plan Rejected by Lawmakers

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What a no-deal Brexit means for the UKOn Wednesday, 13 March, British Parliament said no to Theresa May’s no-deal Brexit as exit deadline looms. You will recall that the MPs had on two different occasions rejected the Prime Minister’s plan for the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Mrs. May had earlier supported a non-binding motion stating the MPs rejected a no-deal exit 29 March, but the PM’s wishes were surprisingly denied as 312 to 308 votes were cast by Parliament to amend the motion to oppose a no-deal Brexit at any time.

Parliament also won in upholding the motion by 321 to 278 votes following the government’s attempt to get the lawmakers to defeat the motion entirely.

UK’s decision to exit the EU began about 2 years, but things did not move as fast as anticipated. Desperate urgency is now in full gear as deadline looms.

The eventualities of no-deal Brexit

There have been serious concerns across several quarters in the UK and beyond about the complications that could come with a no-deal Brexit which has made it a more unlikely outcome.

If no-deal Brexit goes through, some goods from the EU will have tariffs for the very first time while some products from non-EU countries will be without tariffs for the first time as well.

Following this latest rejection, the Parliament is expected to seek an extension to Brexit deadline in a vote slated for Thursday, 14 March.

The deadline of any Brexit extension will be May 29, according to the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Some others think it could be extended as far as the end of June.

It is unsure if any short extension will help resolve the challenges faced so far.

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UK Sends More Border Force Boats Despite Migrant ‘Magnet’ Warnings

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UK Sends More Border Force Boats Despite Migrant ‘Magnet’ WarningsOn Monday, Mr. Sajid Javid, the home secretary, announced that HMC Searcher would be joined by two cutters which were currently deployed in the Mediterranean. This was so they could patrol the English channels after 139 migrants were apprehended in the UK territorial waters over the Christmas break.

This decision was made following the pressure from Tory MPs and warnings indicating that the presence of the UK authorities in the waters may attract migrants.

Mr. Javid said that in as much as he is responsible for the UK border, he is also responsible for human lives as well.

Mr. Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP was glad about the decision. He said the best way to stop the migrants and traffickers from entering the country is by not giving them hope of finding a refuge in the country. This can be done by safely returning the migrants to France.

The migrants who were picked up in the British Channel will be taken to the UK, so that their asylum claims will be heard, confirmed Mr. Sajid Javid.

He further added that he would find ways to make sure that asylum is denied the illegal migrants from safe places like France. He promised to work with the French authorities to stop the crossings.

Counter View

David wood, the former director of immigration enforcement at the Home office, said if more cutters were sent to the channel, it would attract more migrants to cross over as they would be assured of being rescued. As such, there will be no positive results, unless these migrants are sent to France – with an agreement with the French government, of course.

He said some of the migrants may likely be economic migrants who want the best for their relatives and themselves. It is likely they are paid to make the crossing. He also said that the crime groups might advise the migrants on how to respond to questions to avoid being deported.

Majority of the people that are crossing are male who also claim to be Iranians. It may be true because the Iranians are considered wealthier than the Eritrean or Afghan migrants who wait in France, looking for a chance to enter Britain.

Also, it may be as a result of the visa program in Serbia which was closed recently. This has permitted them to illegally enter the Western European Union states nearby, with the intention of moving to the wealthier European Union nations to seek asylum.

Be it as it may, Mr. Wood also warns that most of the immigrants may not be Iranians as they claim. As such, they may be lying to lower their chances of being ejected from the country.

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Brexit: British Curry Industry “dying” and staff shortages

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Brexit Causing Shortage of WorkersWith the ongoing Brexit plans, the curry industry in the UK has drastically fallen, as well as the decrease in staff.

The impact of the Brexit plan is detrimental to running the curry houses, as this has increased the cost of doing so, thereby bringing some restaurants down. This concern has been expressed by the Bangladesh Caterers Association who initially supported the plan.

The deputy secretary of the Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA), Mr Mujibu Rahman Junue, said that the increase in the prices of ingredients is manageable compared to the unavailability of staff in the industry.

He further explained that with the lack of the next generation’s interest in the business, there is a need to hire skilled workers abroad to help sustain the Indian restaurants in the UK. But the possibility of this is far-fetched as with the new rules before a chef is hired from South Asian, his employer is supposed to secure a visa for him by providing a salary of £30,000. This amount is higher than a chef’s pay in an average curry house. Also, staff cannot be gotten in the UK because people are not interested. At this rate, he complained that there might likely be no Indian restaurant in the UK.

Promises Failed

Mr Junue said the primary reason for backing the Brexit was because they were promised that workers from the subcontinent would be permitted to be brought into the country. He added that there was an assurance of change in immigration rules during a meeting between the BCA and the top politicians. This was why BCA supported Brexit.

The owner of Taste of India in Euston London, Mr Redoan Pasha said this plan has caused an increase in the prices of ingredients, lesser customers and lack of staff.

He further said they believed the plan was a good one two years ago, but now the reverse is the case. That is the same complaints from others in the industry who had supported the plan initially.

The vice president of Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality, Mr. Kishan Devani said the restaurateurs believe they had been pushed into the wrong direction and are in regrets.

We are still awaiting comments from Mr. Boris Johnson, Ms. Priti Patel, and Mr. Michael Gove, the leading Brexiteers on the situation.

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